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WWE 2K23 locker codes are your path to earn free MyFaction cards, points, and contracts in 2K Games’ newest wrestling title. These redemption codes rewarding free goodies are a consistent feature in 2K’s sports games and work in a similar way to NBA 2K23’s locker codes.

While a few of these promo codes are going to remain active for a long while, some of the offers are only available for a short period of time, so it’s best to keep up to date and grab the rewards as quickly as you can. Both 2K and WWE will release new codes from time to time, often during pay-per-view events or other special happenings.

Find all WWE 2K23 locker codes here and learn how to redeem them.

WWE 2K23 locker codes: April 2023

  • NEWDAYROCKS – Xavier Woods (Emerald Manager)
  • UPUPDOWNDOWN – Tyler Breeze (Emerald Manager)
  • EVENSTRONGER23 – 3,000 MFP, 3x Superstars Series I Basic Pack
  • AUSTIN316ESB – Steve Austin (Emerald)
WWE 2K23 MyFaction cards.

WWE 2K23 locker codes: how to redeem

Follow these steps to activate a WWE 2K23 locker code in the game:

  1. Start WWE 2K23.
  2. Enter MyFaction mode through the Home tab.
  3. Choose the “Locker Codes” option and enter your code.
  4. Wait for the game to authenticate the code and then enjoy your rewards.

If the locker code you redeemed included a card pack, you’ll have to navigate to the Store tab and use the “Unopened Packs” option to find them.

WWE 2K23 locker codes are a great way to enhance your MyFaction experience, but that’s not all the game has to offer. Be sure to check out all WWE 2K23 MyRise unlockables as well as all Showcase unlockables, so that you won’t miss out on any cool content like Super Cena.