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The Fierce Deity armor set is one of the best in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom as it gives you a boost to your attacking power, making it great for tackling tough bosses. This set is scattered around Hyrule and all you get are some vague clues to its location, so we’ll take you through finding all three pieces of this armor set and the rewards you can get once you’ve found them.

Follow our full walkthrough for the Misko’s Cave of Chests quest and finding the Fierce Deity armor.

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How to get the Fierce Deity Sword – Zelda TOTK


This high-damage two-handed sword is a powerful weapon. To get it, return to the cave where you found the note in a bottle while wearing all three pieces of the Fierce Deity Armor. The big stone wall will slide open, revealing the chest containing the sword.