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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has so much to do and find, so many places to go, that it’s all too easy to ignore what’s right under your nose. Case in point, you will leave the tutorial area before even getting the Paraglider, and if you decide to go the wrong way, it could be some time before you actually unlock it.

If you’ve played Breath of the Wild, you know how important the Paraglider is, and with all of those Sky Islands, it’s even more valuable than ever. But you’ll only be able to get the Paraglider after you’ve landed back on ground-level Hyrule.

For everything you need to get the Paraglider in Tears of the Kingdom, just read through our instructions below.

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Lookout Landing – Zelda TOTK

totk paraglider vehicle
totk paraglider lookout

Finding Captain Hoz – Zelda TOTK

totk paraglider castle
totk paraglider town
totk paraglider ultrahand

Lookout Landing Skyview Tower – Zelda TOTK

totk paraglider gliding