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If you travel to the Temple of Time in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – the Hyrule version, not the Sky version – you’ll find a new spirit inside the goddess statue, but it’s not Hylia. It’s the start of a new side adventure, Call from the Depths, one that sees you change the Great Plateau’s landscape and restore a statue underground.

Unlike some quests during Link’s adventure, this one actually has an excellent reward waiting at the end – a free heart vessel or stamina container.

How to start Call from the Depths quest in Tears of the Kingdom

You can actually complete this quest without ever officially starting it, since the materials you need are lying in the open world. If you want to properly begin, though, head to the Great Plateau and this location.


Save yourself some travel by blowing up the rocks blocking the water channel, and speak to the Bargainer Stone in front of you after the scene plays out. They ask you to speak with the Goddess Statue in the Temple of Time ruins, so head northwest toward this spot.

Several black Bokoblins guard the path to the temple, so make sure you’ve got some good weapons and armor at the ready. Head inside and speak with the statue. The spirit within tells you that their four stone eyes are missing, and it’s your job to find them.

Call from the Depths stone eye locations


The eyes are tucked away near each of the Great Plateau’s four chasm entrances. The statue briefly points them out with objective markers, though you can tell where they are anyway thanks to chasms appearing as giant red-and-pink holes on the map.

You can get them in any order, but we’re starting from the northeastern chasm near where you unblocked the dam.

Stone Eye 1

This eye is in the pond near the chasm. Use Ultrahand to grab it out, and drop it down the chasm.


Stone Eye 2

The southeastern stone eye is near the doorway of the old barracks, right next to the chasm.


The last two stone eyes are in the plateau’s cold heights, but a group of powerful Bokoblins and their boss block the pass leading there from the old woodcutter’s hut. You can take them out if you want, or you can start from Riogok Shrine. Defeat the Like-Like on the ridge above, and use Ascend to reach the snowy cliffs without issue.

Stone Eye 3

Make your way to the frigid pond, deal with the Moblin or ignore it, and toss the stone eye down the chasm.


Stone Eye 4

The last stone eye is tucked under a rock. Use Ultrahand or Recall to move the rock, and hurl the eye down the hole.


Where is the Bargainer Statue in the Depths?


Our Bargainer Statue locations guide has the specific locations and how to reach them, but here’s the short version. The Bargainer Statue you need is in the center of the Great Abandoned Mine, which is pretty much exactly underneath the plateau’s Temple of Time.

If you drop down any of the plateau’s chasms, you’ll find a set of mine tracks and some carts with Zonai devices nearby. Follow the tracks, and they’ll take you to the Great Abandoned Mine.

Use the pre-build fan platforms to reach the chamber’s upper levels, where you’ll find the giant Bargainer Statue.

The stone eyes dropped in the vicinity of each chasm, though you may need to search around for them since they bounce a bit when they land. Having a nearby Lightroot activated will help you find them, but it's not essential.


Fit all four eyes into the statue, and you’ll earn your stamina container or heart vessel.

If this is your first visit, make sure to wend your way to the mine’s ground level. You’ll end up in a fight against the Yiga Clan chief, open a fast travel point, and unlock Autobuild.

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