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The latest Zelda is finally out and while we feel like we’ve only just scratched the surface of this brilliantly deep game, we’ve found some cool things you can do in TOTK that aren’t immediately obvious.

We’ll stay away from the nice little details – like how the Temple of Time chimes every day at 7am and 7pm, or how the photos Zelda takes at the start of the game are saved in your photo album – and focus on things you can actually do. We also have an article for the wildest TOTK creations, if building is what you’re after.

If you’re looking for weird system interactions and TOTK fuse recipes, read on.

TOTK cool things you can do

  • Throw Ice Fruit into the water and you can make an ice block in Tears of the Kingdom. Fuse the ice block with a weapon and create icey platforms across water with every poke of the spear.
  • Fuse a minecart to your shield to create a skateboard, which you can even use to grind the minecart rails on the sky islands. Use a sled to create a snowboard.
  • Manipulate objects with Ultrahand, jump on them, and use Recall to create sneaky shortcuts.
  • Turn Luminous Stone into gems by feeding them to Dondon and collecting their poop (this is one of the best ways of farming rupees in TOTK).
  • When you’re trying to climb in the rain, you can create a fire under shelter by using wood and flint. Once you’ve struck the flint with a metal weapon and lit the fire, you can sit at it to pass the time, as if you slept in a bed.
  • Put a beehive on a stick to create a bee wand, which sends bees after enemies and briefly distracts them when you wave it.
  • Attach a Hylian Pine Cone to your arrow and shoot it at a fire to create a whirlwind that will lift you up and allow you to glide.
  • Feed your horse apples or carrots by holding them while standing close to the horse or dropping them on the ground. This will quickly increase your horse bond. Giving a horse Endura Carrots boosts its stamina. Looking for the best horse in TOTK? Read our dedicated guide.
  • You can bait fish by throwing food into the water.
  • You can use the Zonai device called the Light Emmiter and Brightbloom Seeds to blind enemies and cause them to drop their weapons.
  • You can find a series of masks and armor that let you blend in with various enemy types.
  • Set fire to a patch of grass and you can catch the uplift from the heat to launch yourself in the air with the glider.
  • Fuse a Flame Emmiter to your shield and you can spew fire like a dragon.
  • Fuse a rocket to your shield and you can soar into the air.
  • Fuse a mushroom to a weapon and the last attack will send them flying through the air as they bounce away.
  • Fuse a Lizalfos Tail to a weapon to make a whip (and use the elemental ones for a magical whip).
  • Fuse a Wing to your shield and you can fire slow-motion arrows when jumping from flat ground.

Check out our Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough for more guides and tips.