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People are already exploiting Apex Legends' new respawn mechanic

If one of your team has a purple shield, you can all have one

Apex Legends: Ignite is live now, bringing changes to Storm Point, the weapon meta in Apex Legends, and more. One of the biggest changes comes in how respawns work in the new season. 

Previously, you'd be able to respawn a teammate if you can retrieve their banner from their box or by crafting it, but they'd spawn in as if they just dropped into the map for the first time: grey shields and no weapons. 

In the new season, people spawn back in with the weapons and shields they had when they were killed. This is to prevent so many teams from pushing respawns for the easy kill. 

However, people are already exploiting this new mechanic. 

If you happen to be close to a respawn beacon, you can get a teammate with a purple shield to jump off the map. From there, another teammate can raid their box, get purple, and also jump off the map.

The remaining teammate can get the purple shield and respawn their two teammates, who will both spawn back in with purple shields. Here's a video of it in action:

Obviously it's still a risky play - another team could push while you're two teammates down - but this is clearly an exploit that Respawn didn't fully consider before adding the new mechanic. 

No doubt there will be some kind of hotfix for this over the next few days.

The only way I can see Respawn addressing this is by removing the armor on respawn and limiting it to weapons only, but hopefully the developers can come up with something better.