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Diablo 4 queue times are lasting as long as a few hours as eager players line up for the multiplayer game’s beta, but Blizzard said a fix is in the works. It probably won’t be implemented until the more open, open beta that starts on March 24, 2023, however, so your chances of getting into the first, limited beta are hit and miss.

“The team is working through some issues behind the scenes that have been affecting players and causing them to be disconnected from the servers,” a Blizzard community manager said in the game’s forum. “For the time being, we are managing the rate of players entering the game until we have a full fix for the disconnection issues. This is done so we can ensure stability amongst players who get into the game after the queue process. If you are in queue, we ask that you stay in queue to ensure you do not reset your timer.”

The first Diablo 4 beta weekend started March 17, 2023, for those who pre-ordered the game or threw caution to the wind and ate the Kentucky Fried Chicken Double Down sandwich, the one that swaps bread for fried chicken filets. The problem is that, much like when Overwatch 2 opened to the public, Blizzard's servers were apparently not quite ready for the influx of players.

Frequent disconnects mean that folks can sit waiting for two hours or more just to finally tinker with the character creator, and while that’s a significant problem at the moment, it’s not the only one. Another forum post from Blizzard outlined additional problems showing up, including difficulties forming a party and a quirk that makes the game use too much CPU and GPU power.

Blizzard said the team will continue to roll out improvements, so some of these problems may vanish before the second beta starts.