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Developer EA Sports has officially unveiled EA Sports FC 24 in a big livestream yesterday, showing off the Standard Edition cover with Erling Haaland a few days after the much mocked reveal of the Ultimate Edition, which featured over 30 players for the first time ever. It’s not just “firsts” for the debut title after EA Sports’ split with FIFA – many things will return, good and bad.

Among these returners may be one of the most hated goal celebrations in the series’ history – the simple and yet so infuriating “Shhh” gesture, which shows the happy scorer putting a finger in front of their mouth to shush the other team’s players and thus, indirectly, their human puppet master on the other side of the screen.

Some goal celebrations are just wholesome acts of happiness, depicting players as dancing and hugging each other, while some are more provocative. They are as much taunts of the opponent as they are celebrations of one’s own success.

That might be fine if you’re playing locally with friends, who are well used to banter with each other, but in the highly competitive online environment, where emotions sometimes run high, gestures such as the infamous “Shhh” are often interpreted in a more offensive manner. That leads to lots of frustration, especially when players perceive a goal as lucky or have technical problems that hinder them from playing at their best.

It doesn’t help that players will often deliberately use celebrations as a sort of psychological attack vector against their opponent, counting on them making more mistakes if they’re enraged.

The newest EA Sports FC 24 trailer showed Vinícius Jr. making that exact gesture after scoring a goal, leading many players to believe that the comeback of “Shhh” is already a done deal – but there is no official information about this as of yet.

It’s noteworthy that EA Sports added the ability to skip the opposing player’s goal celebrations in a previous iteration of the series, so anyone getting frustrated easily by such actions should be on the lookout for that.