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Elden Ring streamer MissMikkaa made headlines recently for playing through FromSoftware’s award-winning RPG using a dance pad as a controller, and while that’s quite a feat in itself, she’s managed to surpass it. MissMikkaa set herself a challenge to defeat Malenia, widely recognized as the open-world game’s most difficult boss, in two simultaneous fights, one with the dance pad on PC and one with a DualSense on PS5.

MissMikkaa said on Twitter that it took three days and 199 attempts before she was finally successful and posted the full final run on YouTube. Mikkaa used a bleed build, with the Flamberge greatsword and Seppuku Ash of War, alongside the White Mask obtained from one of the war surgeons near Mohg’s mausoleum.

Seppuku increases your damage output and enhances your ability to cause blood loss – one of the few ailments Malenia is weak to – and when you inflict blood loss, the White Mask increases your attack even more. Mikkaa also opted for substantial HP increases and modest stamina improvements over FP, which this build doesn’t need anyway.

The first phase of the fight plays out in a mostly similar manner on both screens, a literal dance of slashing and dodging until Malenia finally falls. Mikkaa managed to defeat her more quickly using the dance pad and used the following cutscene as a chance to catch up on the PS5 version.

The second phase was more complicated. Malenia attacks more quickly here and with a broader variety of skills, using waterfowl slashes on one version and the scarlet rot bloom in another. Mikkaa deftly keeps up with both screens and manages to defeat Malenia using the dance pad first again before taking advantage of the rot goddess’ slow recovery after the bloom attack to finish her off for good.

And she even had a few flask charges to spare.