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Square Enix revealed the FF14 Dawntrail map – and it’s huge

It’s a big world out there

Square Enix revealed the full Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail map during the Tokyo FFXIV Fanfest celebrations, and the MMO game’s new region is pretty darn big. Producer Naoki Yoshida previously revealed what we thought was the full map, a continent west of Eorzea, across the Indigo Deep, that looked roughly Eorzea sized.

Well, there's a lot more.

During the Tokyo Fanfest, Yoshida removed the map’s fog and showed a large land mass north of Tural that faintly resembles North America and explained a bit about what to expect. Tural is a continent with two distinct halves. The southern half – which is where your Dawntrail journey begins – is more in tune with nature, and we see the people and creatures there weave their lives into the landscape around them.

A map image of Final Fantasy 14's world shows a fully revealed western continent, outlined in a yellow rectangle

Room for a whole lot of adventures there.

The northern half looks like something out of Final Fantasy 8 or FF 13, with skylines stretching for miles into the air, vibrant neon lights, and barely a tree in sight.

Yoshida said the first player hub you visit acts as a bridge between the continent’s two halves, literally, as there’s a bridge connecting them just outside the town. We’ve seen a bit of this city before, but there’s a second hub in the northern continent – Singularity 9. Singularity 9 is a center for technology and progress, and as some keen fans recognized immediately, it also shares a name with one of Zidane’s Limit Break skills in Final Fantasy 9.

It’s probably a coincidence, as Final Fantasy 14 regularly borrows from other games in the series, but maybe Square Enix has plans for a Final Fantasy 9 crossover event, one that ties in with the rumored FF9 remake or long-awaited Final Fantasy 9 animated series.

Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail will launch for PlayStation and PC sometime in summer 2024 – before October 2024, at least – and the MMO’s Xbox beta kicks off in February 2024.