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The Version 3.4 Special Program for Genshin Impact will showcase changes and new features coming to the successful action role-playing game in the next update, which is titled The Exquisite Night Chimes.

It looks like the developers will step in front of the cameras themselves this time around with Lunar New Year around the corner to inform players about what they can expect.

Genshin Impact 3.4 livestream: How to watch

You can watch the stream on Twitch on January 6, 2023 at 7am UTC-5 and one hour later on YouTube as well. Don’t worry about not being able to catch it live: The entire show will be available on YouTube as a video as well.

Genshin Impact 3.4 livestream: What to expect

While the developers will provide plenty of details during the stream, we already know a few things about what will happen in update 3.4. Liyue will once again celebrate the Lantern Rite in tandem with the Lunar New Year, so we’ll go back to the region of Teyvat inspired by China for these festivities.

Two playable characters will be introduced in the coming patch: Alhaitham, scribe of Sumeru’s Akademiya and a strategic genius, is going to be the newest 5-star character. Accompanying him will be Yaoyao, a 4-star character hailing from Liyue who is widely anticipated by fans. Both figures will command the Dendro element. Alhaitham uses a sword in battle, while Yaoyao is proficient with polearms.

Rumors also swirl around the returning characters during the update: Players might have a chance to pull for Hu Tao, Xiao, or Yelan again, while a juicy weapon banner is in the cards, too.

Additional skins seem to be coming up as well: Alternative outfits for Kamisato Ayaka and Lisa have been leaked by several sources. Ayaka seems to receive a dress in a more western style, while Lisa, who is a graduate from Sumeru’s Akademiya, gets to dress in her old student clothes.

If you can’t watch the stream live, you should check out our Genshin Impact primogems page on Friday, where you’ll find the promo codes given out during the show to get some free rewards.