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Update (13.04.2023): A new wave of leaks has seen daylight, which clarifies Kirara's kit and should hopefully end all worries about her merely being a copy of Yaoyao. The previous leak seems to have come from an older version of the character, while this new information comes straight from the beta test for update 3.7. Here's what it says:

  • Elemental Skill: Meow-tear Kick
    • Press: Deals Dendro damage and creates a Shield of Safe Transport, which briefly applies Dendro to Kirara herself. Her maximum HP is the basis for the shield's strength.
    • Hold: Creates a Shield of Safe Transport and lets Kirara curl up inside an Urgent Neko Delivery Box. This gives her a lot more movement and climbing speed as well as jumping power and deals Dendro damage to anyone Kirara crashes into. Once the effect ends, Kirara activates a powerful Dendro attack against the area around her. This effects lasts a maximum of ten seconds and the cooldown depends on how long she used it. You can end the effect any time by sprinting or actively canceling climbing.
  • Elemental Burst: Secret Art – Surprise Dispatch
    • Deals Dendro damage in an area by sending out a Special Delivery Package. It then explodes into Car Brass Cardamoms that explode upon contact with enemies or after 12 seconds, dealing Dendro damage in an area.

The leak states that Kirara uses her claws as her Charged Attack, which is a pretty cool alternate animation.

Original (12.04.2023): Genshin Impact has recently revealed Kirara, a new playable character set to arrive in update 3.7 in May 2023. Other than her name, element, looks, and some background on who she is, we still lack any gameplay-related information regarding her. However, a few leaks from China about the nekomata have already made their way over to us, seemingly detailing her abilities.

As always when dealing with leaks – especially with the game version they are about still being six weeks away from release – you should take the information presented herein with a grain of salt. Kirara has a history of confusing the leaker community, being first reported as a Geo character with a completely different name.

It seems like Kirara is a mixed shielder and healer similar to Baizhu, who arrives in the character banners in update 3.6, while her kit has similarities to that of Yaoyao, which prompted community members to give her the adorable nickname “Nyaonyao”.

Her Elemental Skill is described as summoning a car inside a box, which follows you around as you traverse the battlefield. The cat seems to coordinate its attacks with Kirara, applying Dendro on enemies. Holding the Elemental Skill further provides the cat with a shield – the cat, not Kirara.

That’s an interesting detail, which points towards the cat being destructible or damage being able to interrupt its attacks. In that sense, Kirara could be a first step towards an actual summoner character. Of course, the cat could also act a taunt to soak up damage. At this point, it’s simply too early to have the entire picture.

Kirara’s Elemental Burst summons a giant box with an even bigger cat inside, according to the leakers. The cat then shoots out lots of smaller boxes, which explode and apply Dendro on hit enemies. If there are no enemies nearby, the boxes instead target Kirara to heal her.

It’s easy to see where the comparison to Yaoyao comes from, right? Her own summon behaves in a similar manner.

Fans are a bit worried about several new Dendro characters having similar and perhaps redundant ability kits, but it once again needs to be stressed that we don’t have the full context for those skills yet – they might function in a different way from what is described and could still be changed during the beta tests for update 3.7.