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Genshin Impact update 4.4 – Xianyun and Gaming revealed

Cloud Retainer’s human form is joining the roster
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Mommy is coming to town in Genshin Impact update 4.4 with the arrival of Xianyun, better known as Cloud Retainer, in Liyue. What? I really don’t know what you’re thinking reading that sentence, but she’s the adoptive mom of Ganyu and Shenhe, so what else should I call this Adeptus? Heh.

Anyway: Yes, Cloud Retainer is finally taking on her human form and joins the cast of Genshin Impact characters, taking on the name of Xianyun for her cover identity. She commands Anemo powers and is likely going to be a 5-Star character, though that last part is still unconfirmed – that goes for her weapon class as well. It looks like the Adeptus finally got bored of sitting alone in her mountain abode and will join everyone else in Liyue Harbor.

Genshin Impact Xianyun alias Cloud Retainer artwork.

Xianyun alias Cloud Retainer in human form.

Here’s the official description for Xianyun:

"A new resident in the city, you say? Oh, it's Cloud– I mean, Xianyun. Don't be fooled by her usual manner... She's someone you can truly rely on when the going gets tough. If you ever find yourself in trouble, just tell her – I'm sure she'd be willing to help." – Madame Ping

Everyone has something to say about Xianyun: "That tall woman with the updone hair," "that bespectacled artisan," or perhaps "that talkative new neighbor." They all say different things, but together they paint a picture of the impression she leaves – of someone who's witty, chatty, warm-hearted, and easy to get along with. But that's not how Xianyun sees herself. In her own eyes, she's inarticulate, reserved, and unyieldingly proud. Aside from her mastery of mechanics and knack for making all kinds of little trinkets, it's an entirely different image from how others would describe her. Some curious individuals, seeing how her mannerisms and bearing set her apart from ordinary folk, are convinced that she's a heroine – so they go around trying to uncover her heroic backstory and whether she goes by any other names.

Ask the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor's consultant, and with a wave of his hand, he'd say: "Xianyun? We're not well acquainted, but going by her name, she sounds like a good person." Ask Madame Ping from Yujing Terrace, and she'd nod and reply: "Xian... Oh, Xianyun? We've crossed paths, yes... She's a good person, you know. Once you've met, you'll find that your days seem to go by much more smoothly." Ask Ganyu, and she'd nod too: "She is a heroine, but a very discreet one – hence why she's living incognito in Liyue Harbor." Ask Shenhe, and she'd respond pensively: "Xianyun... Of course, she's a master. Whatever you do, you must not offend her." As it turns out, such speculations are not wrong.

There's far more to Xianyun than meets the eye, but those who know the full story are few indeed. If someone was to address her as "Cloud Retainer"... Well, people would know her instantly, and you'd hear a torrent of praise flow her way: "Who doesn't know Cloud Retainer? Noble, brave, loyal, and wise... A most worthy friend if ever there was one!" So try asking Xianyun herself then: "Are you a heroine? Surely you're not... an adeptus?" You catch the new resident just as she's working on her latest invention, her pride and joy – what she calls an "Exquisite Mini Broth Pot." She's too absorbed to take the question seriously, so she simply waves it off as a load of old nonsense and tells you not to bother her while she's busy.

As for what exactly an Exquisite Mini Broth Pot is... No one really knows, other than having been told that it brings out flavors much better than a regular soup pot. Likewise, none would know how profoundly it might impact Liyue Harbor's future gastronomic development. Suffice to say – if Xianyun says it'll be impressive, it'll be impressive alright.

Gaming – look, I’m not making these names up; it’s probably pronounced differently – is another character revealed to join Genshin Impact in update 4.4. He seems to be a caravan guard and is wielding the Pyro element. Rarity and weapon class are unknown, though he’s likely the coming version’s 4-Star character.

Genshin Impact Gaming artwork.

This man is Gaming himself.

Here’s the official description for Gaming:

"He sees and hears everything, as if he had the eyes of a hawk and the ears of a fox, like some kind of mythical beast. Fighting tooth and nail, he drove away bandits and ruffians like devils with all the auspicious momentum of the suanni." – A plaque of gratitude received by the Sword and Strongbox Secure Transport Agency from a merchant whose caravan was safely escorted by Gaming.

If you happen to hear the sound of drums and gongs as you're walking through the streets of Liyue Harbor, let your ears lead the way. With a bit of luck, you might just be fortunate enough to witness a performance of Gaming's remarkable Wushou Dance. When he puts on his mask, he shakes his head and blinks like a waking beast. The vast array of emotions he conjures up, the unpredictable twists and turns... Following his every move with rapture, the audience can't help but cheer and applaud. "Thank you for your support, everyone! And remember, if someone you know's thinking of booking a Wushou Dance, don't forget to recommend the 'Mighty Mythical Beasts'!" It's just a shame that, more often than not, he receives nothing but applause in return. But Gaming doesn't let this get to him – he laughs it off, saying that the audience's attention is all the recognition he needs.

Once the crowd has dispersed and his mask is off, Gaming swiftly returns to being a "guard" and thinking of work matters once more: How many cargo shipments still need delivering? Which clients does he need to escort? And so on... Usually, when there's nothing urgent on, he heads to Xinyue Kiosk to while away the time with some dim sum – a pot of tea, a selection of bite-sized nibbles, and leisurely chatter in the company of good friends. As a guard, the task of escorting goods from Yilong Wharf to Liyue Harbor couldn't be easier for Gaming. But as the head of the "Mighty Mythical Beasts," his dream of making the Wushou Dance a regular occurrence in Liyue Harbor still has a long, long road ahead of it... So in the meantime, why not sit and enjoy another cup of tea?

Before Xianyun and Gaming join the party, the update 4.3 banners will bring Navia and Chevreuse into the game.