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Genshin Impact update 4.5: release date, events, and new wish type

It’s time for the Cat Café episode
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HoYoverse has spilled the beans on the Genshin Impact update 4.5 content in the latest special program broadcast. In the upcoming version of the popular open-world anime RPG, players will be able to dive into a management-focused event, win the affection of some feline friends, and drive forward scientific progress on several fronts.

Users can also explore the background stories and personalities of Chiori and Lynette in new quests featuring the two characters. In addition, HoYoverse is debuting a new type of banner, which should enable players to pull for characters that haven’t been available in the game for a long time.

Check below for everything you need to know about Genshin Impact update 4.5.

Genshin Impact update 4.5 key art with Chiori and Kirara in a fashion boutique.

Chiori and Kirara are featured in update 4.5's Story Quest.

Genshin Impact 4.5: release date and trailer

Genshin Impact update 4.5 is set to be released on March 13, 2024, for PC, PS4, PS5, iOS, and Android.

You can watch the trailer for version 4.5 below:

Genshin Impact 4.5: events and quests

Genshin Impact update 4.5 comes in with four time-limited events that provide you with rewards such as resources and exclusive weapons.

  • Alchemical Ascension: Help the Knights of Favonius to promote Mondstadt’s rising alchemy industry to earn materials, Primogems, the new Exalted Earth item, and a brand-new, event-exclusive 4-Star polearm called Dialogues of the Desert Sages.
  • Feline Fortress Furrdyssey: Help out at The Cat’s Tail, Mondstadt’s famed Cat Café, to earn materials and Primogems.
  • The Great Fayz Reaction Debate: Help the Amurta researcher Jami to test out potions under combat conditions to earn materials and Primogems.
  • Rolling Crossfire: Help a Fontainian inventor field-test their newest experimental cannon design to earn materials and Primogems.

As for new missions, players will get to learn more about upcoming character Chiori in her Story Quest and can spend some time with Lynette in her Hangout Quest.

Genshin Impact screenshot of a happy cat.

It's time for the Genshin Impact Cat Café episode.

Genshin Impact 4.5: new wish type

Genshin Impact update 4.5 will introduce a new type of wish to the game, the Chronicled Wish. It works somewhat similar to the regular weapon banner in that you can select a specific character or weapon to aim for with your pulls. If you don’t get the desired item, you’ll receive a Fate Point, which guarantees your next 5-Star pull to be designated item.

Chronicled Wish banners have the same pity system as other banners (you are guaranteed to receive a 5-Star item every 90 pulls) and the pity count carries over between Chronicled Wish periods – Fate Points, on the other hand, do not.

Pulling from the Chronicled Wish banner requires the use of Intertwined Fates, which is the same in-game currency that’s needed for time-limited banners.

Check the card below for all the details on the version 4.5 banners:

For more details on the quality-of-life improvements coming with Genshin Impact update 4.5, check the link.