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We may not have gotten a Hollow Knight Silksong release date in the Nintendo Direct, but a Team Cherry playtester says the indie game is worth the wait. The news comes from Silksong Twitter fan page Daily Silksong News (thanks, PC Gamer), who posted a brief exchange from the Hollow Knight Discord server.

After Silksong’s absence in the February Nintendo Direct, Hollow Knight fans expressed various levels of disappointment in the server, some more extreme than others – like the one who wanted to burn down Team Cherry’s headquarters. Lead playtester Graig, or “Trustworthy Graig,” as they called themselves at the time, posted a few trolling messages about the game’s progress and release date before posting what seems like a more serious thought.

"I feel for you all, I really want this game to release ASAP and the testers are working hard to get it out to you, as well as [Team Cherry] of course," Graig said. “It will come and it is a glorious game worth the wait. Love you all.”

It would be surprising for a playtester to say anything other than praise for the game in its public Discord server, but the eagerness for Silksong news is understandable. Team Cherry first announced the sequel’s existence in early 2019, and the last time any new footage or news surfaced was in Microsoft’s Xbox presentation in summer 2022. 

The silence and delays are also reasonable, considering the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns happened between those two points. There’s also more work to do this time around. Where Hollow Knight originally released on PC only, Team Cherry plans Silksong as a multi-platform launch.