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Honkai: Star Rail 1.5 will let players use Consumables in the Simulated Universe

Here’s what update 1.5 is changing
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Update 1.5 for Honkai: Star Rail will be out on November 15, 2023, adding Huohuo to the game via the character banners and kicking off the Foxian Tale of the Haunted event. That’s not all the upcoming version has in store, though, as the developers have now detailed. Starting with 1.5, players will be able to unlock the ability to use Consumables in the Simulated Universe to help them out on their runs. It’ll cost you 700 Ability Points to get access to this neat perk.

Furthermore, there will be a new option to turn on the automatic use of Consumables ahead of battles. This will allow you to let the game use buffing items on your party before each battle until you turn off the function or your reserves have run dry.

Honkai: Star Rail Guinaifen beating a gong.

This public service announcement is brought to you by Guinaifen.

Some of the improvements recently previewed for update 1.6 will actually make their debut in the 1.5 version already. These are the expanded battle pass, which contains 20 additional levels with rewards, and the feature to restart Forgotten Hall challenges without having to set up your teams again as well as being able to restart just one half of the challenge without having to fight through the first one again.

Those purchasing the paid version of the battle pass will also get the included 680 Stellar Jade immediately upon purchase instead of after reaching level 50, whereas getting to level 50 will now reward players with an additional Self-Modeling Resin.

Optimizations will be made to the navigation system, allowing players to teleport to the Space Anchor nearest their current mission with one click.

The Astral Express will feature a new Guest Book function, which will contain comments and records from every character that has visited the space train in the past. Finally, fresh voice lines have been added to the game for many characters, which will be triggered when adding them to certain team compositions, ascending them, reaching the maximum level, activating certain Traces, and so on. As always, players can check those out separately in the character screens.