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January 2024 State of Play recap: Death Stranding 2 and everything else

Stellar Blade, Rise of the Ronin, and much more

Sony packed in plenty of State of Play announcements and trailers during the first PS5 showcase of 2024, including a Death Stranding 2 trailer, a Stellar Blade release date, and a whole lot more. Konami surprise launched a new Silent Hill game and gave James from Silent Hill 2 more guns than someone of his disposition should probably have. Capcom showed up with yet more Dragon’s Dogma 2, and there’s even a snazzy little reminder that Zenless Zone Zero is yet to come.

We’ve rounded up all the January 2024 State of Play announcements below, with their trailers as well.

Stellar Blade release date

Shift Up is finally ready to release Stellar Blade on PS5, nearly five years after first announcing the platform-exclusive game. Check out an in-depth look in our Stellar Blade recap.

Sonic Generations X Shadow

Sega is bringing Sonic Generations back for a new audience, and Shadow the Hedgehog is along for the ride. It's essentially what the name says - the original Sonic Generations with some Shadow thrown in. And I'm more than okay with that.

Helldivers 2 trailer

We got another look at Helldivers 2 ahead of its Feb. 8, 2024, release date, and yep, it still looks like Helldivers 2.

New Foamstars trailer

Square Enix teased a bit of what to expect from the first Foamstars season ahead of its PS Plus launch in a short new trailer.

Zenless Zone Zero PS5 trailer

This probably comes as no surprise if you've kept up with HoYoverse's games at all, but Zenless Zone Zero is in production for PS5. When it might launch for any platform is still up in the air, though.

Dave the Diver and Godzilla

The award-winning indie game Dave the Diver is coming to PS5 in April 2024, and a Godzilla expansion is planned for May 2024.

Another Dragon's Dogma 2 trailer

Dragon's Dogma 2's hero has amnesia, and I'm starting to wonder if Capcom thinks we do as well. Here's yet another DD2 trailer, with a smidge more combat than we saw last time.  At least it's something to tide us over until March 22, 2024.

Silent Hill: The Message and Silent Hill 2 (with guns)

Konami debuted Silent Hill: The Short Message, which producer Motoi Okamoto described as Silent Hill for a modern age, and you can play it now for free. There's also a new, release date-less Silent Hill 2 trailer that has James firing lots of guns, lots of times.

Judas trailer

The BioShock team is back with Judas, which looks a lot like something the BioShock team would make.

Metro Awakening for PS VR 2

PS VR 2 didn't get quite the robust showing that Sony hinted at in the State of Play's announcement, but it did get this excellent trailer for Metro Awakening.

Rise of the Ronin overview trailer

Ninja Theory showcased a fair bit of Rise of the Ronin, and it looks marvelous so far. If Ghost of Tsushima wasn't quite what you expected, you may want to keep an eye on this one.

Until Dawn Remaster

Following news of the Until Dawn movie adaptation, Supermassive unveiled the Until Dawn PS5 and PC remaster. It's... kind of hard to tell the difference between this and the original, but the team promises it's been rebuilt from the ground up.

Death Stranding 2 On the Beach trailer

Finally is Death Stranding 2, which took up nearly 10 minutes of the showcase with a very Kojima-style trailer. Check it out in our Death Stranding 2 recap.