New Nightingale update makes much-needed changes to the survival game

Crafting is much less annoying, for one thing

Inflexion deployed a big new Nightingale update that makes several welcome changes to the survival crafting game. The free update is live now for the game’s early access version on PC, and it tweaks combat, crafting, enemies, and even available quests.

One of the Nightingale update’s biggest changes makes crafting less of a pain. You can, at last, stack crafting queues to handle themselves while you’re off doing whatever, and you can craft using materials tucked away in storage. The original crafting system’s clunkiness was a pretty big pain after the game launched, so I particularly appreciate this improvement. 

Another refreshing difference is that you have honest-to-goodness ranged combat options early in the game. Your choices when fighting from afar were pretty limited at first, but now, you’ll have access to throwing knives, grenades, and even a blunderbuss – an old-fashioned gun that’s longer than a pistol but shorter than a shotgun.

Other weapons get a boost as well, including the knife, which has a parry move now; the sickle and its new boomerang throw; and the hammer, which has a flurry attack option.

You’ll need the help as well. The new Nightingale update adds two more Bound types – one with two shields and a very good idea how to use them and another that hoists a canon around and fires explosives at you.

You can buy items directly from the guidebook now, dodge while using two-handed weapons, and find new NPCs with fresh quests to tackle while you’re wandering between worlds. The Nightingale patch notes have the full list of updates and changes if you’re interested.

Inflexion is still hard at work on more Nightingale updates. There’s no timeline for the next one, but rest assured it’s coming.

Josh Broadwell


Joshua Broadwell is a freelance writer with bylines for GameSpot, NPR, Polygon, and more.