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Total War: Warhammer 3 Hotfix 4.2.1 patch notes – Instant Rampage fix and more

Tidying up after the big Update 4.2
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A new patch for Total War: Warhammer 3 is available with Hotfix 4.2.1, which is tidying up after the recently released Update 4.2.

Bringing a large swath of balance changes to the game on top of adding a ton of free content to the Shadows of Change DLC for Grand Cathay, Kislev, and the Daemons of Tzeentch, Update 4.2 was a way for Creative Assembly to rebuild the damaged bridge towards its community. It seems like this move was a success, with the developers stating that they were “delighted with the response” to the update.

Total War: Warhammer 2 trailer screenshot showing a Lizardman riding a giant carnosaur.

Good news, Lizardmen players: Rampage won't trigger at the start of the battle anymore.

The highlights of Hotfix 4.2.1 include a change to Rampage, which has been overhauled in the impactful Update 4.2 and exhibited some side effects the developers apparently hadn’t thought about. To fix players losing control over low HP units at the start of the battle, CA implemented a delay to Feral Rage 1 and 2, giving you 30 to 60 seconds to get your units into position before they succumb to Rampage.

“We have some further improvements to how Rampage interacts with the starting health state being planned, so, keep your eyes peeled for those,” the developers added.

You can find the full Total War: Warhammer 3 Hotfix 4.2.1 patch notes below.

Total War: Warhammer 3 Hotfix 4.2.1 patch notes

Correction to the Update 4.2 patch notes:

Firstly, to correct an error from the 4.2 patch notes, we mistakenly listed Pavane of Slaanesh as losing access to Rampage, which is not the case. Instead, Rampage was removed from Hysterical Frenzy, and Pavane can continue to cause Rampage to their heart's content.

    • Hit Points 5868 → 6584
    • Melee Attack 42 → 50
    • Weapon Strength 450 → 470
    • Charge Bonus 46 → 65
    • Hit Points 5468 → 6268
    • Charge Bonus 46 → 65
    • No longer has access to the Brazier of Dazh item in multiplayer battles.
    • Replaced Regrowth with Birona's Timewarp in multiplayer battles.
  • Fixed an issue where the Chaos Lord of Tzeentch's Mark of Chaos costs were not being reduced with his character rank.
  • Fixed an instance where the mission chain to unlock the Blue Scribes would sometimes not progress after the first mission.
  • Added the "Wounds" passive ability to the Frost Wyrm unit.
  • The Blue Scribes now have access to the Lore of the Hag spells via their skill tree.
  • Fixed the Chaos Lord of Tzeentch not using one of the head variations in campaign.
  • Fixed an issue where some newly added ancillaries were being lost during campaign gameplay.
  • Fixed the Druzhina's skill "Speaks to the Forest" applying Regeneration to all units rather than just Hag Witch Heroes.
  • The Daemon Prince of Tzeentch will now receive the "Ascended Lord" trait when upgraded from a Chaos Lord of Tzeentch.
  • Fixed the persistent VFX for Flamers, Changebringers, Exalted Flamers, and The Burning Chariot. Now the blue / pink fire is attached to the correct parts of the model.
  • Fixed an issue where the Changebringers, Chaos Lord and Exalted Hero of Tzeentch did not have the the Disc of Tzeentch VFX attached to them.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gate Master could sometimes start a battle with the abilities "Bulwark of the Gate" and "Bastion's Defenders" despite not having them unlocked via the skill tree.
  • Added an initial 30 and 60 second delay to Feral Rage 1 and 2 becoming active, preventing Rampage from triggering immediately when the battle starts. We have some further improvements to how Rampage interacts with starting health state being planned, so, keep your eyes peeled for those.
  • Zhao Ming's unique skills that give bonuses to melee units now also apply to the Celestial Lion and Great Moon Bird units.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Exalted Hero of Tzeentch from being able to attack other flying units while mounted on a Disc of Tzeentch.
  • Removed the effects from Yuan Bo's unique skill "Armies of the Celestial Court" that had become innate to some units, e.g. Spell Resistance for Jet Lions and Mastery of the Elemental Winds for Jade Lions.
  • Yuan Bo's unique skill "Armies of the Celestial Court" now grants Flammable attacks to the Great Moon Bird, and we've also upped the Bonus vs. Infantry on this skill from +8 to +10 for all Celestial Court units.
  • Fixed an issue where the Celestial Lion was receiving bonuses via Saytang's skill tree that were only intended for Jade and Jet Lion units.
  • Gate Master had an Arcane item slot despite not being a caster, so he's handed the privilege back to the Shugengan.
  • To avoid overlap with the Exalted Hero of Tzeentch, the Iridescent Horror Hero's actions have been changed to the following:
    • Embed Hero - Replenish Troops
    • Constant Local Effect - Stimulate Growth
    • Target Settlement - Damage Building
    • Target Hero - Wound
    • Target Army - Assault Unit (unchanged)
  • Fixed the Beastmen skill "Breakneck Charioteers" not applying Fear and Terror attributes to the correct chariot units.
  • Fixed Rakarth's rite "Convocation of Hunters" not increasing physical resistance for Hydra units.
  • Fixed the Warriors of Chaos skill "Hammer into Anvil" not applying to Gorebeast Chariot units and erroneously applying to Bloodcrushers of Khorne.
  • Fixed the Warriors of Chaos skill "Speed & Malice" not applying to Hellstrider units.
  • Fixed an effect that reduced the recruitment cost of Greenskin Troll units not applying to all types of Troll unit.
  • Fixed a number of effects that were not applying to all three types of Necropolis Knights units.
  • Fixed instances of Norsca Monster Hunt chains aborting when capturing a settlement that had a mission to raid the region.
  • Ostankya's "Whiff of Madness" Hex now only applies as long as the cursed unit remains in melee.
  • The Hag Witch skill "Wildkeeper" now affects Frost Wyrms.
  • Fixed a number of building effects that were providing the wrong values when damaged or ruined.
  • Fixed cases of Norsca faction leaders having blank names.
  • Fixed Ariel's porthole being too zoomed in.
  • Fixed an issue in the Sisters of Twilight quest battle "Search for Ceithin-Har" where the enemy reinforcements were entering at the wrong positions at the wrong time.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of Centigors of Tzeentch in the Warriors of Chaos recruitment pool could get excessively large.
  • Added missing Assembly Kit html files from Patch 4.1.
  • Fixed an issue where the audio mixer state could briefly be incorrectly set during AI agent actions.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed certain units, like Mother Ostankya, to attack buildings outside of their missile range.
  • Centigors and their variants no longer share the same visuals as their RoR counterparts.
  • The Changeling is a touch too immortal to play against, so we're making some tweaks to make him easier to catch:
    • When the Changeling loses a battle, if there is a Trickster Cult within that region, it will be revealed to the settlement owner.
    • When the Changeling loses all of his armies, all Trickster Cults will be revealed to the settlement owners.
    • Fixed an issue where the Changeling's armies could become hidden despite being in Raiding stance. An additional effect has been added to his Raiding stance to make it clear that the army will always be visible when in that stance.
    • The Protection building chain will now reveal any hidden armies (i.e. armies belonging to the Changeling) in the local region.