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Total War: Warhammer 3 update 4.1 patch notes: missing magic for the Slann, skill point reset, and more

Check out what Creative Assembly has cooked up for this big patch
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After a series of welcome hotfixes, Creative Assembly is publishing the big update 4.1 for Total War: Warhammer 3 on November 21, 2023, and the patch notes look really exciting. Players no longer need to install one of the best Total War: Warhammer 3 mods on the Steam Workshop, the skill point reset mod, because it’s now an official feature of the game.

You’ll be able to completely reset the skill points of your characters with one click and can do so as often as you like over the course of a campaign. This will take the lord or hero out of action for three turns, though, so it’s best to plan these resets strategically – it’d be a shame if an offensive hits your empire right as your leader is taken out of commission for a while.

A toad-like Slann from a Total War: Warhammer trailer.

The Slann are winning big-time in update 4.1, finally gaining mastery of all lores of magic.

Settlement battles and sieges are a big topic as well once again. In this patch, the developers took measures to reduce the effectiveness of stealthy units in sieges by linking capture points together – no longer will cheesy stealth attacks be able to succeed on their own by capturing certain key areas during a siege. Furthermore a detection ability has been granted to structures in cities, which will be able to reveal stealth units. Settlements have been equipped with more points to build barricades at, making them a more widely available option.

Probably the biggest change is that each building slot in a city can now only be used once per battle – once you’ve constructed a certain tower or barricade, you can’t change or upgrade it any more. What’s more, once that structure has been razed by the enemy, it won’t be possible to rebuild something there. This should take care of a major gripe players have with the building system, namely the AI just spamming towers in the same place. Buildable towers also had their range reduced.

In return, regular units without the Wallbreaker attribute will deal less damage to buildings, making them more durable, and the HP of settlement walls has been greatly increased.

Another highlight of the update, especially for lore enthusiasts, is that the Slann finally have access to the remaining lores of magic they were missing up to this point, namely the lores of Heavens, Beasts, Metal, Death, and Shadows. The toad-like lords of the Lizardmen are some of the most powerful and accomplished mages in the world, and could wield every type of magic available in the setting, but the game didn’t reflect this until now.

In a fun little addition, players can further customize their main menu with the background art from previous DLCs, making 19 additional menu themes available. Important for achievement hunters is the fact that the victory achievements for Immortal Empires can also be obtained by getting the long victory instead of only the domination or ultimate victory conditions.

Homing projectiles from many spells and abilities have been enhanced and should hit their mark more consistently in the future.

In addition to all of the above highlights, patch 4.1 offers a ton of bug fixes and balance changes, which you can find on the official website in all their glorious detail.