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Enshrouded clay locations and clay farming tips

Fired up

Finding Enshrouded clay is a tough chore at first, since the best places to find clay are in the survival game’s more dangerous places. There are some clay nodes you can reach early in the game, without having to travel too far, though, so you can get your kiln and make the carpenter happy quickly.

Our Enshrouded clay guide points out the best places to find clay and offers some clay farming advice for easy gathering.

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Enshrouded: How to get clay

Enshrouded's clay material is shown sticking out of the ground on a rocky hillside

Clay looks like a bundle of little brown mushrooms popping out of the ground

Clay isn’t an ore like tin or amber, but you still need a pickaxe to dig it out of the earth and hillsides where you find it. Unlike the ores, you don’t need a higher-level pickaxe to get clay. Your starter-level Survivor’s Pickaxe will work just fine.

Enshrouded clay locations

A map showing where to find Enshrouded clay locations in the Revelwood area

The hills around Revelwood are where most of Enshrouded's clay is.

The Revelwood area is where you’ll find most clay deposits, and since the majority of them are above the shroud, you don’t have to worry about staying in the deadly mist for too long. 

The hills around the Revelwood Ancient Spire are full of clay, but you can also find some east of the Willow Crush settlement, which is north of the Farmer Vault.

Enemies around the spire are tougher than you’re probably used to at this point, so if you’re struggling, consider trying this spot near the Farmer’s Vault. There’s not much clay there, but you can get enough to build your kiln, if nothing else.

A map showing where to find Enshrouded's clay in the early game, near the Farmer Vault

There's a small clay deposit here, free from tough enemies.

Enshrouded clay farming tips

A map showing the best places for Enshrouded clay farming in the Revelwood area

These are the best spots to find clay.

The best places to get clay are west of the Revelwood Spire and east of Willow Crush. The clay deposits here are quite large, and you can walk away with a few dozen clay stacks just from these two spots alone.

Like most non-resin resources in Enshrouded, clay respawns after a few real-world hours. You could try the trick of logging out and logging back in to see if clay respawns instantly, but it didn’t work for me.

What is clay for in Enshrouded?

Clay shows up in several crafting recipes, including:

  • Oven
  • Explosive grenade
  • Mortar

Along with roof tiles and several furniture recipes.