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Enshrouded straw: How to get more straw at your base

Not a fallacy

Enshrouded straw is tougher to get than your usual resources in the survival game, as Keen hides how to harvest it and ties it to a different resource entirely. There’s only one straw location in Enshrouded to start with, but once you find it, you can bring it back home and grow it at your own base.

Our Enshrouded straw guide explains where to look for the valuable resource and what to do once you’ve got it.

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Enshrouded: Where to find straw

A map showing where to find Bounty Barn and straw in Enshrouded

Bounty Barn is easy to miss if you don't know where to look

Straw doesn’t appear on its own in Enshrouded’s open world. You pick straw and wheat seeds up as byproducts when you harvest wheat, and as far as we’ve found, wheat only grows in one place: Bounty Barn. Bounty Barn is on the eastern end of the Umbral Hollow, south of the Nomad Ancient Spire.

It’ll take a little while – and several of Enshrouded’s sparks – before you’re strong enough to travel that far, so don’t expect to be rolling in straw just after leaving Cinder Vault.

Bounty Barn has a sizeable amount of wheat, so make sure to grab it all. Look around for more crops as well before you go, as you can get a few peppers for your trouble.

How to get more straw in Enshrouded

Enshrouded straw and wheat are growing in abundance outside Bounty Barn

Collect wheat the same as you would any other resource.

If you set up a Flame Altar near Bounty Barn, you can just come back and collect more wheat and straw the next time you log in. However, you can also grow it back at your base’s farm.

Put a wheat seed in a seedbed with water and fossilized bone dust, and you’ll have a new wheat crop. Fossilized bone dust comes from any large piece of bone that you use your pickaxe on. You can pick some up from the giant ribcage west of the Nomad Spire while you’re in the area.

What is straw for in Enshrouded?

So far, we’ve only needed straw to craft beehives. That might not sound exceptionally useful, but considering the honey that drops from these hives helps regenerate stamina, it’s worth the time and effort to craft as many as you can.