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FF7 Rebirth: How to romance Tifa

Everything you need to romance the best girl in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's Tifa romance gives Cloud and his hometown friend a chance to reconnect after years apart, though it doesn't always go smoothly. You'll have to shun other Rebirth romances to make this relationship work, and if all goes well, you'll unlock a special date scene later in the game, when your party visits Gold Saucer.

And if it doesn't go well, finish the game, and you can replay the date scenes for everyone from the options menu.

Our FF7 Rebirth Tifa romance guide goes over how to raise Cloud’s relationship with Tifa, all the side quests featuring Tifa, and the right dialogue choices to get you the best romance scene in Rebirth.

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FF7 Rebirth: How to romance Tifa

Rebirth’s Tifa romance works similarly to other romances in the RPG. Picking the right dialogue choices during key story moments, completing side quests with Tifa, and using her synergy skills and abilities with Cloud in battle go a long way toward deepening Cloud’s relationship with Tifa. However, there’s a small handful of other ways to affect it as well, including matching Tifa’s swimsuit with Cloud’s at Costa Del Sol, choosing kind and respectful dialogue options during side quests, and keeping Tifa in your party as often as possible.

You’ll also want to:

  • Team up with Tifa and Red XIII during the Costa Del Sol fight against Shinra soldiers
  • Choose Tifa for the Loveless experience
  • Find all the soldiers in Junon and get the maximum amount of points
    • This action will boost Cloud’s relationship with everyone in the party

Pressing the “L1” button outside of combat displays a little smiley face icon above your party members’ heads that represents how close you are with them.

All FF7 Rebirth Tifa dialogue choices

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's Cloud, standing in front of the Kalm Mako tank

Always talk to your allies when you have the chance. 

Most major story moments have one conversation between Cloud and Tifa where you need to make at least one dialogue choice that will affect the two’s relationship. You’ll need to seek Tifa out for these conversations, though.

Tifa Kalm dialogue choice

Find Tifa by the Kalm mako tank once you gain control of Cloud during the day.

  • This tank remind you of anything?
  • Pick “The place I made that promise to you”

Tifa Junon dialogue choice

After everyone retires to the in following the Terror of the Deep boss fight, speak with Tifa in her room.

  • Do you remember a guy named Emilio?
  • Pick “Only person from the village I remember is you”
    • Some players reported a relationship change if you choose “The general store kid,” but when I picked that option, nothing happened

Tifa Costa Del Sol dialogue choice

Find Tifa at the bar in Costa Del Sol after the Gastropod mini-boss.

  • Feels like it’s been ages since Seventh Heaven
  • Pick “Lot’s happened since then”

Tifa Gongaga dialogue choice

Speak with Tifa after you arrive in Gongaga Village and the party disbands.

  • What sorta thing would you go for?
  • Pick “Gonna go with the pot roast”

Tifa Cosmo Canyon dialogue choice

Tifa shares some deeply held emotions with the group and then leaves. Go find her.

  • Did I sound as awkward as I felt?
  • Pick “You did good”

Tifa Nibelheim dialogue choice

Go to Tifa’s house, head up the stairs, and speak with Tifa in her room.

  • It was taking a toll… Then you turned up
  • Pick “Have I helped you get through it at all?”

FF7 Rebirth Tifa side quests

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's Tifa and Cloud speaking with Virgil about a lost Queen's Blood card

Side quests always deepen Cloud's relationship with whoever comes along for the journey.

Most of Tifa’s side quests show up in Rebirth’s first half, though you’ll have a few shots at growing closer with her in Corel before the Gold Saucer date.

  • Chapter 2 (Kalm) – A Rare Card Lost
    • Speak with the bartender
  • Chapter 4 (Junon) – Calling All Frogs
    • Can pick up from the quest board
  • Chapter 4 (Junon) – Dreaming of Blue Skies
    • Must complete main quest “Friends Together Again” and pick up and finish the “When Words Won’t Do” side quest from Junon’s board
  • Chapter 7 (Costa Del Sol) – Bodybuilders in a Bind
    • Finish “Costa Del Sol Rendevous,” which unlocks once you begin Chapter 7
  • Chapter 11 (Nibelheim) – My White-Haired Angel
    • Start from the Nibelheim message board

Participating in, and winning, the Gold Saucer coliseum challenges in the Sand and Circuses quest will also give your relationship with Tifa – and the rest of the party – a slight bump.

FF7 Rebirth Tifa swimsuit choice

FF7 Rebirth's Tifa and Aerith in matching Costa Del Sol swimsuits

A bit of fashion coordination goes a long way.

When you purchase Cloud’s swimsuit in Costa Del Sol and change into it for the first time, you can also change Tifa and Aerith’s outfits. You get a relationship boost if you pick suits for them that match Cloud’s.

  • If you pick Cloud’s Wild Surf suit, Tifa should get her Shining Spirit outfit
  • If Cloud goes for Ocean Chocobo, give Tifa the Majestic Glamor suit

There's no penalty for matching Aerith's and Tifa's suits to Cloud's, though if you're concerned that Cloud is too close with Aerith, you should pick the wrong suit for her.

FF7 Rebirth Tifa Gold Saucer dates

Rebirth has two Gold Saucer dates, and the second one pans out in two different ways depending on you’re relationship with the other person. The first date happens in Chapter 8 when you first visit the Saucer. If Cloud’s relationship with Tifa is stronger than his bond with other party members, she’ll knock on his door at night, and they’ll spend some time around the park together.

The second date is the one with a romance scene attached, and it happens in Chapter 12. The same rules apply. If Tifa’s bond with Cloud is stronger than Cloud’s relationships with other party members, she’ll show up when you rest at the hotel. You’ll either get an intimate scene on the skywheel or a “normal” date.