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Starfield ship duplication glitch – make infinite money after patch 1.7.33

How to duplicate and sell ships in Starfield to make easy credits

Bethesda released Stafield patch 1.7.33 on Monday, and fixed most known infinite money glitches that involve accessing a vendor’s inventory chest, like the Akila City puddle glitch. So, if you’ve already updated to the latest version, you might be wondering if there are still easy ways to make money in the game.

One method to make credits relatively fast that hasn’t been patched yet is the Starfield ship duplication glitch, and in this guide we break down everything you need to know about it.

The guide below has been tested on Starfield 1.7.33 update and still works, but you may want to create a manual save in case you run into any issues.

How to duplicate a ship in Starfield

The Shieldbreaker ship in Starfield
A ship technician standing next to a Trade Authority kiosk in Starfield's New Atlantis
Ship technician dialogue in Starfield with the view and modify ships option selected
Shipbuilder screen in Starfield
A confirmation screen in Starfield prompting the player to confirm changes made to a ship, in this case, a removed component
A ship registration fee confirmation prompt in Starfield

How to sell a ship in Starfield

Now that you have a registered duplicate of your ship, you can sell it to the same ship services technician. Before selling, make sure you enter the ship that you’ll be keeping, just to make sure everything works correctly. If you run into glitches inside the ship, you can always load the manual save you made before starting the process.

A conversation with a ship technician in Starfield with the dialogue option to see ships for sale highlighted
Unregistered ship prompt in Starfield
A ship sale prompt, confirming the selling price of a starship in Starfield