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If you want to add a bit of an extra kick to your attacks, then you’re going to want to seek out the Barbarian Armor in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Much like the Fierce Deity Armor, each piece of this set gives a boost to your attack, meaning you can beat enemies quicker, making overall armor rating less important – which is good because this set is hard to upgrade unless you’re a pro at killing Lynels.

We’ll show you where to find the Barbarian Armor, with all three pieces scattered around the map.

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Barbarian Helm location – Zelda TOTK

Zelda TOTK Barbarian Headdress location

The helmet is located in the eastern region of the map. The easiest way to get to it is to travel up the road northwest from Hateno Village. Around some cliffs, you’ll find a cave with the Barbarian Helm hidden in a shrine inside.

Barbarian Armor location – Zelda TOTK

Zelda TOTK Barbarian Armor location

This piece is very close to Lookout Landing, with the cave entrance slightly northeast of the Yamiyo Shrine. You’ll need to clear some rocks to get in, but the cave is straightforward after that.

Barbarian Leg Wraps location – Zelda TOTK

Zelda TOTK Barbarian Leg Wraps location

For the final piece, you must go all the way to the eastern edge of the map, northeast of Hateno Village and south of Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower. The cave entrance is on the side of the mountain, covered by ice. You’ll find it nearby to the Jikais Shrine.