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The machines you can create with Zonai devices in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom have near-infinite possibilities, the only real limiting factor is powering it all. Your batteries, or Energy Wells, have a limited supply, and if you build a machine with lots of devices attached, they’ll quickly run dry.

You can upgrade your maximum battery capacity, but you’ll need to gather a lot of resources and dive into the Depths to do it. We’ll show you the easiest ways to upgrade your Energy Well to get more battery.

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Where to find Crystallized Charges – Zelda TOTK


If you want to upgrade your Energy Well you’ll need 100 Crystallized Charges, but getting them can be challenging. The easiest way is to farm Zonaite Ore, which can be found in abundance from ore deposits and enemies in the Depths.

The regular Zonaite Ore can be traded for Crystallizard Charges are forges dotted around the Depths and on the Great Sky Island where you start the game. However, get your hands on Large Zonaite Ore from enemies like Flux Constructs and you can buy a Large Crystallized Charge, which will get you 20 for the price of one.

How to get more battery – Zelda TOTK


Once you’ve got 100 Crystallized Charges, go out the north exit of Lookout Landing and immediately turn right to see a raised rock surface with what looks like a Zonai ruin on top. Climb up there and you’ll meet a Steward Construct who says he can turn your Crystallized Charges into Energy Wells. Hand them over and that’s it! You’ll get a new battery section.