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Honkai: Star Rail 1.4 introduces new Strategic Training System

Update 1.4 adds a combat training tool with Stellar Jade rewards
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Upcoming Honkai: Star Rail update 1.4 adds a new Strategic Training System to the anime RPG. Players will be able to find this in their Interastral Peace Guide, where a fourth tab will be visible after the patch has gone live on October 11, 2023.

The Strategic Training System allows players to run combat drills to familiarize themselves with Honkai: Star Rail’s battle mechanics. This is likely an addition to get all the new PS5 players up to speed with the game’s systems. However, veterans should not ignore this new option: There will be rewards players can earn by completing the challenges.

Honkai: Star Rail update 1.4 artwork with Topaz and Guinaifen.

Honkai: Star Rail 1.4 has a new training tool in store.

Players can obtain Stellar Jade, Trailblazer XP, and character as well as Light Cone XP materials by finishing the combat drills.

Version 1.4 brings some changes to the Simulated Universe as well: Some Curios and Events from the Swarm Disaster will be available in the regular Simulated Universe Worlds. Among the content brought over is everyone’s favorite Event, the encounter with the Knights of Beauty. One member of this group, Argenti, has recently been announced as an upcoming Honkai: Star Rail character for update 1.5.

Alongside these changes, update 1.4 introduces Trailblaze Continuance missions as a new quest type, adds the Story Recap function to allow players to read story dialogs and replay voice lines they might have missed, and improves some aspects of the UI. 

Namely, when selecting an attack that would cost one or several of your own characters HP – think of characters like Arlan, Blade, and Jingliu – their HP bars will indicate how much health they’d be losing before you commit to the move. Some statuses will also be displayed in the status bar in addition to their visual effects in the future to make things clearer.

Make sure to check out the Honkai: Star Rail 1.4 character banners to plan your next pulls and visit the Honkai: Star Rail codes page to get free Stellar Jade.