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Honkai: Star Rail 1.4 brings Pokémon battles, more Simulated Universe, and rerun banners

Check out what update 1.4 for Honkai: Star Rail has in store
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Version 1.4 of Honkai: Star Rail will be released on October 11, 2023, for PC, iOS, and Android alongside the long awaited PS5 version of the game. Today’s livestream, which was hosted by none other than March 7th (and went pretty meta at times), gave us a good preview of what to expect from the upcoming update, titled Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream.

You can watch the trailer for the update below and then dive into the details:

Honkai: Star Rail 1.4 – characters

Three brand-new Honkai: Star Rail characters await us in the update 1.4 character banners:

Jingliu will be available in the first three weeks of the patch, while Topaz and Numby as well as Guainaifen will come into play during the second half. Furthermore, update 1.4 introduces one rerun banner into the mix, which will be available during Phase 2. It will contain Seele alongside the same 4-Star characters Topaz runs with.

Honkai: Star Rail 1.4 – missions

There will be two new missions you can complete in Honkai: Star Rail 1.4. The first is called “Clouds Leave No Trace” and is Jingliu’s Companion Mission. It seems like it’ll dive into her and the High Cloud Quintet’s past, so prepare to find out more about Jing Yuan, Blade, and Imbibitor Lunae as well.

The second mission is an interlude to the main story, which brings us back to the icy surface of Jarilo VI. It looks like the planet once took on a loan from the IPC, which is now coming to collect in the person of Topaz. As an aside, several remarks during the livestream made it seem like the IPC is having financial problems itself (perhaps due to the machinations of the Stellaron Hunters) – this might be important information going forward. Since IPC-styled enemies will be introduced in this version as well, we’ll better prepare for some skirmishing.

Honkai: Star Rail Jarilo VI area added in update 1.4.

A new area on Jarilo VI will become playable in update 1.4.

This new story on Jarilo VI comes with an expansion to the planet’s map as well, so we’ll get to explore some fresh areas. A brand-new Stagnant Shadow will settle here, enabling players to farm the necessary Ascension Materials for Topaz and Guinaifen.

Honkai: Star Rail 1.4 – events

Update 1.4’s flagship event will be Aetherium Wars, which tasks players with playing Pokémon – well, essentially. It seems like this is going to be a battle event in which we won’t fight with our regular characters, but need to sneak around and “catch” NPCs to build a team from. These are from three different types, which counter each other in a certain way. Aside from the usual item rewards, Aetherium Wars will award players by giving us a free copy of Serval, Pela, Hook, or Luka – our choice.

Honkai: Star Rail Aetherium Wars screenshot.

I told you it's basically Pokémon.

The Simulated Universe is getting more content as well through the Planar Infinity event. This will add another level to the SU after World 7, which contains new challenges and modifiers to both Curios and Blessing – by the looks of it, all of these will be massively overpowered and chaotic. That’ll be necessary, since this new mode apparently ends with an endless wave of challenges. We’ll just have to see how far we can get.

Planar Fissure and Realms of the Strange, the double drop events for Planar Ornaments and Relics, are coming back in update 1.4, as is the check-in event Gift of Odyssey with ten Special Star Rail Passes.

Honkai: Star Rail 1.4 – features

You’ll be able to check dialogs in case you missed something while playing a mission, giving you valuable context to make decisions. However, be aware that this feature doesn’t allow you to overturn your dialog choices and make new ones – you may be able to replay what was said, but won’t make any new inputs.

Version 1.4 of Honkai: Star Rail will be released on October 11, 2023, for PC, PS5, iOS, and Android. Make sure to check for the newest Honkai: Star Rail codes before they expire.