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Honkai: Star Rail’s March 7th will get a major upgrade in 2024

Something special for the game’s lovable face
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Fans of March 7th from Honkai: Star Rail can look forward to updates coming later in 2024, as it looks like their favorite character will receive some special attention. Shaoji, the chief writer of the Honkai series, revealed that a major mechanical change will be made to the 4-Star character.

“Her background seems to suggest that there’s a lot of hidden secrets and a huge story related to her,” the writer said during the latest developer livestream before sharing that March 7th would gain access to a similar system as the Trailblazer, allowing her to change her combat skills.

Honkai: Star Rail March 7th takes a selfie.

March 7th has been taking photos from all of our stops.

“We believe that the members of the [Astral Express] Crew are a very special presence in this game,” Shaoji said. “So, in 2024, we plan to try this new thing. That is, for March 7th, she’ll have a system similar to switching Paths that is unique to her. But for her, it might not be walking on a new Path, but rather creating memories.”

He continued: “For this girl, who doesn’t know where she came from, she’s creating her own memories in different places and gaining strength through these memories, as the Express trailblazer one stop after another on the trailblazing journey. So let’s look forward to the day when the memories she created in the past can propel her into a brand-new future.”

With the Trailblazer being a 5-Star character and having a Path-switching mechanic, Himeko and Welt being regular 5-Star characters, and fellow 4-Star unit Dan Heng having a 5-Star form in the person of Imbibitor Lunae, March 7th is currently a little neglected when it comes to her combat prowess. From what Shaoji said, March may be able to switch to different skill sets related to some of the memories we made with her – possibly one for each world we’ve visited. This doesn't come out of nowhere either: Whenever you check her cabin after an update, you'll find new photos she took displayed in the room.

Mind you, this doesn’t confirm that she’ll receive a 5-Star form like Dan Heng – she could well remain a 4-Star character despite her unique mechanic.

In any case, it’s great to see that the developers are fully prepared to give characters from the launch version some love at later stages of the game – I’ll take a 5-Star version of Herta please, thank you.

Before March 7th will evolve to April 8th, though, Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 is on the agenda – and Shaoji had some ominous warnings about the upcoming story for players.