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Honkai: Star Rail – Aventurine revealed for update 2.1

A high-stakes gambler from the IPC’s highest levels
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HoYoverse has revealed Aventurine as an upcoming playable Honkai: Star Rail character in the 2.1 update for the game. Version 2.1 is scheduled to be launched on March 20, 2024, making it the earliest possible release date for him.

Aventurine is a 5-Star character dealing Imaginary Damage and following The Preservation as his Path, which is very on-brand for a senior member of the Interastral Peace Corporation (IPC). We’ve been indirectly introduced to him during our encounters with Topaz, as both characters are part of the IPC’s Strategic Investment Department. Topaz is ranked lower than Aventurine, though both belong to an elite group known as the Ten Stonehearts.

Honkai: Star Rail Aventurine reveal poster showing a handsome blonde man in extravagant clothes sitting on a comfortable chair and holding up a poker card.

Aventurine seems to prefer the looks of a gambler as opposed to a businessman.

Aventurine’s voice actor is Camden Sutkowski, who’s seemingly celebrating his video game debut in Honkai: Star Rail.

Here’s what the official description has to say about Aventurine:

"Go ahead, use me as you wish, even stab me in the back when you see fit. Exploitation and treachery are simply tools of the trade. But remember, I don't make deals that don't pay off... So, I hope you don't disappoint me."

A senior manager in the IPC Strategic Investment Department and one of the Ten Stonehearts. His Cornerstone is "Aventurine of stratagems." He possesses an air of frivolity and doesn't shy away from taking risks. His constant smile makes it difficult for people to discern his true feelings. He won his current position by wagering against fate itself. He views life as a high-stakes, high-return investment, and he plays this particular gamble with masterful ease.

Like many other upcoming Honkai: Star Rail characters set to be introduced with the 2.X era of the mobile game, Aventurine has been invited to Penacony by its ruling cliqué, The Family. He’ll be there to represent the IPC in an official capacity.

He’s the second 5-Star character to be revealed for update 2.1, following Acheron. This means we should get one 4-Star character tomorrow, completing this round of info drops ahead of the update 2.0 livestream.

Update 2.0 for Honkai: Star Rail will be released on February 7, 2024, introducing Black Swan, Sparkle, and Misha to the playable roster.