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Everything announced in Nintendo’s June 2023 Direct

Over 30 games were shown off in Nintendo's June Direct

After a lengthy week of Not-E3 presentations earlier in the month, Nintendo finally showed its hand with a Nintendo Direct, featuring over 30 games, some previously announced, some not. As with any Nintendo Direct, there were some exciting surprises from first- and third-party developers, and some new details about games we’ve known about for quite some time.

The 40-minute-long presentation revealed multiple new Mario games, a bunch of ports from other consoles, and teased at games still to come in the future. Sitting through the whole presentation is fine – we certainly enjoyed doing it – but if you’re strapped for time or just don’t want to dedicate 40 minutes of your life watching video game ads, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s everything that was announced, shown off, and featured in Nintendo’s Not-E3 June Direct, in order of their appearance.

A screenshot from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet showing a boy character holding his fist in the air
A screenshot from the Switch version of Sonic Superstars showing Sonic in a boss battle against Fang
A character from the video game Palia walking towards a house
A screenshot from Persona 5 Tactica showing the Joker character aiming his gun at an enemy
A screenshot from Mythforce showing a skeleton getting attacked from a first-person perspective
Detective Pikachu from Detective Pikachu Returns holding a cup of coffee
A screenshot from Super Mario RPG remake showing Mario and Mallow standing next to a pond full of tadpoles
Princess Peach with her hands folded across her chest while her dress glows
A screenshot from Luigi's Mansion 2 showing Luigi sucking up a shower curtain with a vacuum cleaner
Batman flying over the city of Gotham in Batman Arkham Knight
A screenshot showing an in-progress game of Gloomhaven
A screenshot from Just Dance 24 showing four characters dancing while dressed as superheroes
A character from Silent Hope looking at the camera against a blurred background
A Fae Farm screenshot showing multiple fairy characters tending to a farm
A Hotwheels Unleashed 2 screenshot showing a monster truck racing against a sports car
A screenshot from Manic Mechanics showing multiple players completing tasks in a factory
Multiple monsters in Dragon Quest Monsters getting hit by a tornado attack in an arena
A character in Pikmin 4 standing next to Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin
A screenshot from Metal Gear Solid 3 showing Snake saluting with his eyes shut
A Vampire Survivors screenshot showing a character standing in a field with multiple bats
Multiple pigeons dressed up in Headbangers Rhythm Royale
The player character in Penny's Big Breakaway platforming through a waterfall-filled area
A Wiggler in Mario Kart 8 racing in a formula one car

Star Ocean: The Second Story R

Star Ocean: The Second Story R gameplay screenshot
A screenshot of a water skiing minigame in Warioware Move It next to a person mimicking the action
A Super Mario Bros Wonder screenshot showing Mario staring at a void