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The Game Awards 2023 Players’ Voice voting has opened

Round 1 features 30 contenders
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The Players’ Voice Award at The Game Awards is traditionally the only category that’s purely based on fan votes – and thus nothing more than a glorified popularity contest. Nevertheless, communities often fight quite hard to get their game the recognition they think it deserves, which led to some spicy developments in the past.

Last year, Sonic fans felt that Sonic Frontiers had been snubbed as it wasn’t nominated for any of the real awards, which led to toxic behavior against the fanbases of other titles, among them Genshin Impact. Out of spite, the HoYoverse game’s community mobilized its vast Chinese manpower to top the polls, which in turn led to botting accusations from Sonic fans and a pause of voting. When Geoff Keighley announced Genshin Impact as the award winner at the 2022 show, he emphasized that bot votes had been taken out of the result first – indicating that it had been the Sonic fans all along who used bots.

The Game Awards 2023 poster showing its airing date and a trophy.

The Game Awards have opened voting for the Players' Voice Award.

The Game Awards 2023 Players' Voice nominees and how to vote

After this drama, people thought that the Players’ Voice Award may have been scrapped for 2023, but it’s here now. Users can cast their votes for up to ten games out of a total of 30 titles competing in the first round. The following games have been nominated for this category:

Users can vote on the official website. Round 1 is scheduled to end on November 29, 2023, at 9pm ET.