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Kuro announces Genshin Impact competitor Wuthering Waves beta date

Another open-world anime RPG, but with a fresh twist

Kuro Games announced the next beta date for Genshin Impact competitor Wuthering Waves, a new open-world anime RPG that looks pretty familiar, despite having some special flourishes of its own. The second Wuthering Waves beta begins on Feb. 19, 2024, and while it looks like the game’s sign-up page is closed, you can probably expect to see much more Wuthering Waves once the beta begins. There’s no NDA attached to it (thanks, TechRaptor).

The Genshin comparisons stem from t the colorful anime style, open-world structure, and the fact that most of the NPC models are almost identical to Genshin’s. Heck, even the latest character trailer is styled in a manner that’s just about a 1:1 recreation of HoYoverse’s trailers.

Where Wuthering Waves differs is how it handles battles and character abilities. Kuro’s game adopts a feature similar to Final Fantasy’s Blue Mage, where characters absorb abilities from monsters they battle and defeat. That sounds like a pretty flexible system and one that potentially offers extensive customization, though it’s unclear just yet how many abilities you can actually choose from.

Wuthering Waves’ beta date trailer also introduced a new character, Jianxin. She works as a server at a local tea house – not unlike Xiangling in Genshin Impact – and she’s a dedicated martial arts practitioner. The trailer switches between Jinaxin punching everything in sight and perfecting a difficult tea recipe for an even more difficult customer, who does not get punched.

There’s no Wuthering Waves release date just yet, but we’ll likely see more from Kuro Games in the coming months after the beta closes.