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The 3.6 update for Genshin Impact with new character banners and lots of other content is out on April 12, 2023, in most regions (check the launch times for your area in our overview) and is not leaving fans of Genius Invokation, the Genshin Impact TCG, hanging out to dry – the patch has fresh cards as well as some interesting balance changes in store, which are going to mix things up.

In terms of new cards, Kamisato Ayato, Arataki Itto, and Tighnari will join the fun. Ayato and Itto are noted to be obsessed with the game at several points in past quests, so them finally being represented in the TCG is great. We’ll get another Support Card and an Equipment Card in the patch as well.

The balance changes are shaping up to be interesting as well, as they include some cost changes for Katheryne and high-level Artifact Cards as well as changes to Kokomi and Xingqiu.

Here are the Genius Invokation TCG patch notes for update 3.6.

Genshin Impact TCG: patch 3.6 balance changes

Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG Katheryn card

Katheryne's Support Card is becoming a bit cheaper to play in update 3.6.

  • Katheryne: Cost reduced from 2 Elemental Dice (any) to 1 Elemental Die (any).
  • Blizzard Strayer: Cost reduced from 3 Elemental Dice (same) to 3 Elemental Dice (any).
  • Heart of Depth: Cost reduced from 3 Elemental Dice (same) to 3 Elemental Dice (any).
  • Crimson Witch of Flames: Cost reduced from 3 Elemental Dice (same) to 3 Elemental Dice (any).
  • Thundering Fury: Cost reduced from 3 Elemental Dice (same) to 3 Elemental Dice (any).
  • Viridescent Venerer: Cost reduced from 3 Elemental Dice (same) to 3 Elemental Dice (any).
  • Archaic Petra: Cost reduced from 3 Elemental Dice (same) to 3 Elemental Dice (any).
  • Deepwood Memories: Cost reduced from 3 Elemental Dice (same) to 3 Elemental Dice (any).
  • Sangonomiya Kokomi
    • Nereid’s Ascension: Deals 2 Hydro Damage instead of 3 Hydro Damage, but now heals all allied characters for 1 HP; Kokomi still gains Ceremonial Garment.
  • Xingqiu
    • Rainbow Bladework: Deals 1 Hydro Damage instead of 2 Hydro Damage.

Genshin Impact TCG: patch 3.6 new cards

A tall, blue-haired man holding a sword.

Ayato is finally arriving in Genius Invokation TCG and is looking pretty strong.

Kamisato Ayato in Genius Invokation TCG

  • Kamisato Art – Marobashi: Deals 2 Physical Damage (1 Hydro Die, 2 Regular Dice).
  • Kamisato Art – Kyouka: Deals 2 Hydro Damage, gains Takemiguri Kanka (3 Hydro Dice).
    • Takemiguri Kanka: Deals +1 Damage on Normal Attacks, converts Physical Damage to Hydro Damage; 2 usages.
  • Kamisato Art – Suiyuu: Deals 3 Hydro Damage, summons 1 Garden of Purity (3 Hydro Dice, 3 Energy).
    • Garden of Purity: Deals 2 Hydro Damage during the End Phase and increases Normal Attack Damage by +1; 2 usages.

Ayato’s Talent Card, Kyouka Fuushi, costs three Hydro Dice and lets him activate Kamisato Art – Kyouka immediately. If he has Kyouka Fuushi equipped, Takemiguri Kanka’s damage increase provides another additional point of damage if the target’s HP are equal or less than six.

Arataki Itto in Genius Invokation TCG

  • Fight Club Legend: Deals 2 Physical Damage (1 Geo Die, 2 Regular Dice).
  • Masatu Zetsugi – Akaushi Burst: Deals 1 Geo Damage, gains Superlative Superstrength, and summons Ushi (3 Geo Dice).
    • Superlative Superstrength: Deals +1 Damage on Charged Attacks (Normal Attacks with an overall even number of Elemental Dice are counted as such); if the usages are no less than 2, expend 1 less Elemental Die; 1 usage, though can stack up to 3.
    • Ushi: Decrease Damage taken by active character by 1 and when your active character takes damage, Itto gains Superlative Superstrength; 1 usage. Deals 1 Geo Damage during the End Phase before being discarded.
  • Royal Descent – Behold, Itto the Evil: Deals 5 Geo Damage, gains Raging Oni King (3 Geo Dice, 3 Energy).
    • Raging Oni King: Deals +2 Damage on Normal Attacks, converts Physical Damage to Geo Damage, and Superlative Superstrength on Normal Attacks; stays active for 2 rounds.

Arataki Ichiban, which costs one Geo Die and two Regular Dice, is Itto’s Talent Card and lets him use Fight Club Legend immediately on playing it. Once Itto has it equipped and has Superlative Superstrength, using Fight Club Legend two times or more during the same round increases its damage by one point.

Tighnari in Genius Invokation TCG

  • Khanda Barrier-Buster: Deals 2 Physical Damage (1 Dendro Die, 2 Regular Dice).
  • Vijnana-Phala Mine: Deals 2 Dendro Damage, gains Vijnana Suffusion (3 Dendro Dice).
    • Vijnana Suffusion: Converts Physical Damage from Charged Attacks into Dendro Damage, summons 1 Clusterbloom Arrow; 2 usages.
    • Clusterbloom Arrow: Deals 1 Dendro Damage during the End Phase; 1 usage.
  • Fashioner’s Tanglevine Shaft: Deals 4 Dendro Damage, deals 1 Piercing Damage to all opposing characters on standby (3 Dendro Dice, 2 Energy).

Tighnari comes with a Talent Card called Keen Sight, which costs four Dendro Dice and triggers Vijnana-Phala Mine after it has been played. Equipping this Talent Card reduces the cost of Charged Attacks under the influence of Vijnana Suffusion by one Regular Elemental Die.

Grand Narukami Shrine in Genius Invokation TCG

  • Support Card
  • Automatically creates 1 Elemental Die (at random) once per Round; 3 usages.

Favonius Sword in Genius Invokation TCG

  • Equipment Card (Sword)
  • Increases wielder’s damage by +1.
  • Using an Elemental Skill grants the wielder an additional Energy once per Round.

Update 3.6 is sure to change the pecking order in our best Genshin Impact TCG decks list as well as our Genshin Impact TCG Character Card tier list, so be sure to check them out once the patch has hit and we’ve had a chance to test all these changes and additions.