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Genshin Impact TCG: Genius Invokation character card tier list

Full tier list of every character card for Genshin Impact's Genius Invokation TCG
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Genius Invokation is a TCG in Genshin Impact, the free-to-play RPG that just keeps on growing. Turn away for a month or two, and the game made by HoYoverse will expand with new playable characters, quests, areas, and more.

We’ve already outlined the best Genshin TCG decks you should be using, but in this guide we’re going deeper into the character cards, three of which are the core of every deck. You can earn character cards by inviting characters to the Cat’s Tail tavern in Mondstadt and winning a duel against them, and these are the ones you should be focusing on first.

Update 3.7 is all about Genius Invokation, adding a big in-game event revolving around the TCG. Accompanying this is the most substantial update for the game yet, which added 13 additional character cards and their talent cards as well as several action, event, and support cards. These have changed deck-building quite a bit, since there is now an incentive to build thematic decks with characters from the same region.

We've updated the Genshin TCG character card tier list accordingly.

Genshin Impact TCG Ayaka card.
Genshin Impact TCG Xingqiu card.
TCG card for Sucrose.
TCG card for Jean.

This tier list should help you get started with building decks and battling characters, but keep in mind that if you develop a very specific strategy or playstyle, a card’s usefulness to you might be very different to its placement on this list. There is also a vast difference between PvP and PvE to consider.

You can also check out the best Event Cards and best Support Cards to round out your decks with.