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Genshin Impact TCG best decks: the best decks for Genius Invokation

Everything you need to beat the challenges in the new Genshin TCG

Genshin Impact has finally introduced Genius Invokation, a brand new in-game TCG that is going to take you hours to make the most of. But hey, if you want another cheeky way to collect, strategize, and battle your way through Genshin Impact, this is it. It worked for The Witcher 3, right?

In this guide we’ll be breaking down the best decks you can use in Genius Invokation to beat the countless challenges awaiting you in Teyvat, in addition to a few different gameplay styles and concepts for you to experiment with.

So for the best decks in Genshin Impact’s Genius Invokation, just take a look below.

Genshin Impact TCG: best decks for Genius Invokation

Genshin Impact TCG reaction deck.
Genshin Impact TCG Ayamiya deck.
Genshin Impact TCG Zhongli Hypercarry deck.
Genshin Impact TCG Raiden one-shot deck.
Genshin Impact TCG Ganyu Superconduct deck.

In general, cards like Dawn Winery or Katheryne, or combos like Shift Change plus Leave it to me! are exceedingly important in the game, allowing you to switch characters without ending your turn and thus trigger strong elemental reactions according to plan.

Also prominent in most decks are cards that give you more control over the dice – even the best-laid plans can get derailed by a bad roll of the dice, after all. Re-rolling or converting useless dice to omni dice remedies this.

To get character cards, you need to invite the playable character to the Cat’s Tail via the board in the tavern and defeat them in a duel. The rest of the cards you can get from Prince’s card store and from adventure challenges in the big cities.

You can check our overviews of the best support cards and the best event cards in Genius Invokation for additional information on how to fill out your decks. We also have a character card tier list in case you need a bit of inspiration for deck building.