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The Windblume Festival is currently underway in Genshin Impact, featuring a series of story quests and several minigames. Aside from some serious lore dumps about the Hexenzirkel, a mysterious organization of witches based in Mondstadt, the Windblume Festival also delights fans by bringing many Genshin Impact characters from Sumeru to the City of Freedom, where they interact with our friends from the starting region.

Among the visitors is Cyno, who finally gets to show his relaxed side while being off-duty. In his case that means cracking a lot of terrible jokes and nerding out about the Genshin Impact TCG, Genius Invokation. Once the main story of the event has concluded, you’ll find Cyno sitting at a table in front of the Cat’s Tail Tavern in Mondstadt, where he’s waiting for you to challenge him.

Cyno isn’t just all talk – he’s pretty good at the game and could pose some problems for you if you go into things unprepared. Here are some tips on how to beat Cyno at Genshin TCG during the Windblume Festival.

Genshin Impact Cyno wants to play Genius Invokation.

Cyno is waiting to be challenged in front of the Cat's Tail Tavern.

Genshin Impact TCG: Cyno’s Windblume Festival deck

Cyno fields a deck with himself, Bennett, and Collei as character cards. This combination gives him a lot of burst damage thanks to the Electro and Pyro components, while Bennett’s Elemental Burst provides a lot of sustainability through healing.

I also suspect that MiHoYo lets Cyno cheat a bit, because he suspiciously always has enough dice to make three attack moves per turn with his characters’ Elemental Skills – so it might be that always gets a full set of Omni Dice to take his turns with.

He definitely prioritizes dishing out damage with his Cyno and Bennett cards, with Collei being a bit of an afterthought and mainly coming into play once one of the others has been taken out of the equation.

Genshin Impact TCG: how to beat Cyno in Windblume Festival

You have a few options on how to deal with Cyno’s aggression: You can be aggressive as well, trying to take out one of his cards early on, or play the sustainability game, whittling Cyno down.

Our list of the best Genshin Impact TCG decks has several suitable card lists for both options, so if you’re having trouble beating Cyno you should take a look for some inspiration.

Personally, I used an experimental deck with Klee, Beidou, and Kokomi to win the match – that deck provides a good mix of both approaches, as Klee can dish out a lot of damage, while Beidou and Kokomi help to keep the team somewhat healthy and reduce incoming damage.

Genshin Impact TCG Duel with Cyno.

Cyno is very aggressive, but Bennett's Elemental Burst provides the deck with healing as well.

Klee is especially nice against Cyno’s deck due to her Elemental Burst – it completely negates Bennett’s healing. Kokomi is newly available in the TCG, but is already one of the best healers. Her summon purges elemental effects on her, applies Hydro on the enemy, and heals HP on your currently active character. Beidou is a great go-to when you need to tank some damage, since she creates a shield while charging up her Elemental Skill. Applying some Electro through that also is a fantastic setup for Klee.

Fill out the deck with Timmie, Liben, Katheryne, Dawn Winery, Favonius Library, Jade Chamber, lots of healing, and some artifacts and you should be able to withstand Cyno’s assault.

Genshin Impact TCG Duel with Cyno.

Things got pretty close in this one after Cyno's Elemental Burst came into play.

Sadly, there is no achievement for beating Cyno and the win does not count towards your Genius Invokation XP – for this one, your sense of triumph at having bested the TCG master will have to be reward enough.