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Palworld: Black Market trader locations

Time for some shady deals

Finding the Palworld Black Market trader locations is your ticket to (potentially) high-level Pals, assuming you can shell out for them. The Black Marketer sells Pals, and since the act is illegal, they don’t just take chump change for them. They do, however, buy Pals as well, so you can sell off unwanted critters for some cash, maybe even enough to buy the Pal of your dreams.

Our Palworld Black Market guide points out where to find the Black Market trader and what you can expect once you get there.

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Palworld Black Market trader locations

Palworld's Black Market vendor is shown in a cave, wearing a studded leather belt and red toga

He looks so nice and trustworthy!

Players say every major region has a black market trader, though so far, we’ve only found a few.

Hillside Palworld Black Market trader 

A map image showing where to find Palworld's Black Market vendor near the Desolate Church

If you're having trouble, head south from the Desolate Church, find the road, and follow it west.

The first place you can find a Black Market traderis near the Desolate Church in the Hillside region. Start from that fast travel point, and head west until you reach roughly this part of the map. It’s a bit confusing, as the mineshaft you want is at ground level, though the map image makes it look like it’s on top of the rocks. Anyway, drop down to the ground level near the road, and follow it to the mineshaft.

Mt Obsidian Black Market trader

A map image showing where to find Palworld's Black Market vendor near the volcano

Make sure your clothes can withstand the heat before coming out here.

The second one we found is right next to the ocean on the volcano’s southwestern side. This one’s pretty hard to miss, since he’s standing out in the open.

Is it worth finding a Black Market vendor?

Sort of. It mainly depends on what you’re after. The Black Market vendors have a small selection of Pals for sale, usually a mix of common Pals you can find in the area and one or two rare ones. Their levels seem to be consistent and – in my experience, at least – are several levels below your current level and strongest Pals.

Their stats, work abilities, and moves are the same as if you caught them in the wild, though you can see what their personalities are like. Unless there’s a Pal you can’t find in the wild, there’s not really a reason to spend thousands of gold on one from the Black Market vendor.

However, you can sell Pals you don’t want or need anymore – and that includes humans. If you captured human Syndicate thugs, the Black Market vendor takes them off you for a few hundred coins. It’s useful, but also probably best not to think too closely about it.