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Palworld sulfur locations and sulfur farming tips

Fire and brimstone not required
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Finding Palworld sulfur is a bit of a chore, as the material is less common than your average piece of stone, but you need it for high-level crafting in the Pokemon-like game. The problem is that sulfur is a pretty rare item and one of a few that you have better luck finding in dungeons than you do in the overworld.

There are other areas to check for extra deposits, though, and our Palworld sulfur guide points out where to look.

Palworld sulfur – How to find sulfur

A Palworld sulfur deposit is sitting alone in a large cavern, as a player character mines it with a pickaxe

Sulfur deposits are recognizable by their unique, sickly yellow color

Sulfur in Palworld is a mined mineral, so you’ll need a pickaxe for efficient harvesting. You can also just punch the rock and get a few sulfur chunks, but that method takes a ridiculously long time. Sulfur deposits are large rocks with the telltale white outline and sheen that indicate you can harvest them, and the rock itself is yellow, like the one above this paragraph.

The problem comes from finding sulfur nodes.

Palworld sulfur locations

A Palworld dungeon looms in front of the player character, an opening in a rocky mountainside tucked away under some trees

An early-game dungeon is your best source for sulfur.

Sulfur nodes are uncommon compared to stone and ore. Some players say you can find them in sandy areas, and in my experience, that’s not accurate, not for your average sandy area anyway. Sulfur deposits spring up in the desert biome, around the volcano, and in some seemingly random hilly and mountainous locations.

Even then, you won’t find that many. Your best bet for finding sulfur in Palworld is heading into the overworld’s dungeons. You’ll find these scattered around the map, and while they have timers before disappearing, they typically respawn at least once or twice a day in the same location.

A Palworld map image showing the desert region and a small mountainous area highlighted in yellow rectangles

The desert and a mountainous area to its south often have sulfur deposits.

Not every dungeon has sulfur deposits, but one I’ve had consistently come through for me is near the third fast-travel point, just south of the Rayne tower. Head inside, and you should find one or two sulfur nodes in the first chamber alone. There’s a second cave on the beach south of your starting point that some players said contains sulfur, though I checked it several times and never found any.

These caves are your best bet in the early game, though, before you reach level 20. The desert in the northeast and the volcano to the southwest are high-level areas, so if you run into an aggressive Pal, it won’t end well. Caves usually house syndicate ruffians, but the AI is so bad that, even if they’re several levels above you, you can just run past them without issue.

A Palworld map image showing the volcano region highlighted in a yellow rectangle

As you'd expect, the volcano is another good source of sulfur.

I also found some sulfur nodes in two small clearings west of the Twilight Dunes.

A map image showing where to find Palworld sulfur north of the Bamboo Groves

North of the Bamboo Groves is another set of sulfur nodes

Palworld sulfur uses

Sulfur is a key part of making gunpowder, which you need for ammunition. As you can probably guess, you need ammunition for guns. If you plan on using firearms and arming your Pals with guns as well, you can expect to need quite a lot of sulfur and gunpowder. Make sure to use it sparingly.