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Palworld high quality oil locations and farming tips

Oiled and ready for action
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Palworld high quality oil is your ticket to high-powered firearms in Pocketpair’s Pokemon-alike game, but finding the slick stuff is no easy task. High quality oil is a Pal Fluid situation, in the sense that you can only get it from Pals and can’t harvest it back at your base. Most Pals that drop high quality oil are strong and far away – with two exceptions.

Our Palworld high quality oil guide points out the best places to get plenty of oil so you can craft muskets to your gun-loving heart’s content.

Palworld high quality oil – Which Pals drop high quality oil?

Two Palworld Pals are floating in the air and laughing together

They're about to tell you where Pal oil comes from.

High quality oil comes from roughly half a dozen Pals, including:

  • Digitoise
  • Dumud
  • Woolipop
  • Grintale
  • Mamorest
  • Quivern
  • Elpidran
  • Flambelle
  • Relaxaurus

That’s a lot of choices, but it comes with a few caveats. Woolipop should live in the Twilight Dunes, but I explored there day and night for a few cycles and never ran across any. The same goes for Grintale, who’s meant to stalk the fields around Center Lake and the Sealed Realm of the Guardian at night. They’re evidently pretty rare, though, as I found approximately none of them.

There’s plenty of Beegarde there for Palworld honey farming, though, so if you do explore those regions, it won’t be a complete waste of time.

Some of the others on that list, including Quivern, are high-level Pals and won’t give up their oil freely (just pretend that doesn’t sound weird). 

Best way to get high quality oil in Palworld

Dumud, a source of Palworld's high quality oil, are flopping around in a bright teal pool of water, headed towards a player character

The Dumud brigade welcomes you to Twilight Dunes.

Your best bet for finding plenty of high quality oil quickly is with two Pals in the Twilight Dunes. Look for Dumud and Digitoise in that area, which is west of Lake Center. You’ll need to craft Tropical Armor first, or the heat will kill you.

Dumud are, in my experience, the most common Pals in the Twilight Dunes, so you should run into half a dozen or more just near the shore. They’re Ground types, so bring a Grass-type like Lifmunk along to make battling and capturing easier.

If this is your first time in the Twilight Dunes, make sure to capture at least 10 Dumud if you can, rather than defeating them in battle. You earn bonus XP for capturing multiple of the same Pal, which is handy for leveling up quickly.

Bring a strong Grass-type for Digitoise.

Bring a strong Grass-type for Digitoise.

Digitoise is another fairly common Pal in this region that drops high quality oil, though it’s a bit tougher. Bring some health restoratives along for those fights.

Finally, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could travel to the far north around Duneshelter. There, you can purchase infinite amounts of high quality oil from a merchant for 350 gold each. The downside is that all the Pals and human enemies around there are tough, so you'll have to tread carefully if you're not at the right level.