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Palworld Lovander location and Lovander base tips

Lovely Lovander

Palworld’s Lovander is a silly meme you might be tempted to overlook, but the Neutral Pal is one of the most useful in the open-world game. Unlike some of Palworld’s other recognizable critters, such as Vixy, finding Lovander isn’t actually that easy.

Our Palworld Lovander guide points out where to find the helpful Pal and what they can do for you back at base.

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Palworld Lovander location

A map image showing where to find Lovander in Palworld

The Twilight Dunes are your best bet for finding Lovander early

Lovander lives in the desert, though you don’t have to go far to find them. The northeastern desert is a high-level area, and while that’s great if you want a high-level Lovander, it’s a bit too dangerous early in your adventure.

Head to the Twilight Dunes instead, roughly in the map’s center, and wait until night, as that’s the only time Lovander appears. You should see one wandering around the sands, though I also found one in the grassy areas immediately to the Dunes’ west.

Lovander tend to appear alone around level 18-22 here or maybe with just one other Lovander around. Since they’re comparatively rare, you might want to take a slightly low-level Pal along for this battle. That way, you don’t accidentally defeat Lovander.

Lovander drops

Contrary to some rumors floating around, Lovander doesn’t drop Palworld’s cake item, or if it does, it’s an exceptionally rare drop. Flour, mushrooms, and Strange Juice (best not to think about that one) are its primary drops, though I typically only got mushrooms.

Lovander jobs and base tips

Palworld's Lovander is standing on a grassy rise, staring at the player Tamer in surprise

Lovander is an excellent Pal to have around the house

Since Lovander drops aren’t anything special, you don’t really need to spend time farming them for anything outside the initial 10-catch XP bonus. However, I do recommend bringing at least two Lovander to your base, as their Pal work suitability makes common processes much more efficient.

Lovander has level two Handiwork, which makes crafting faster; mining, perfect for ore farms; transportation, for bringing harvested materials back to base; and medical proficiency, which you need for anything crafted at the medicine bench. That’s a lot of common processes bundled into one Pal, so having them around is a smart idea for making life easier.