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Starfield Into the Unknown mission – find Temple Eta and grab your first power

Follow the distortions and investigate the anomaly to find your first Starborn power

The Into the Unknown quest in Starfield is an early Constellation mission that will give you two artifacts, one new companion, and will introduce you to Starborn Temples and the special powers you can get there.

Into the Unknown is a relatively straightforward Starfield mission, but there are some confusing points, especially in the second part. In the first part of the quest, you’ll just have to travel to two planets to grab artifacts and find Andreja, a Constellation member. The second part of the quest will send you to Procyon III, where you will need to investigate an anomaly that will lead you to the first Temple in the game.

Here’s a complete Into the Unknown mission walkthrough, where you will find everything you need to complete the quest and progress in Starfield’s main story.

Get the Artifacts and find Andreja

The first part of the quest is very straightforward, as all your steps to find the artifacts and Andreja will be clear and marked on your starmap. Make sure you have the Into the Unknown mission selected, so you always know where you need to go next.

Starfield the Eye
Vladimir, a member of Constellation from the Bethesda video game Starfield
Andreja, the Constellation member you find during the Into the Unknown mission in Starfield
Artifact Iota found here on the planet Niira in Starfield, it's location may vary for each player

Follow the distortions to find Temple Eta’s location

You will find Procyon III in the Procyon A system, very close on the starmap to Alpha Centauri and our own Solar system. Things can get slightly confusing when you land on the planet, so keep reading to learn exactly what you’re supposed to do there.

Route map between Alpha Centauri and Procyon A systems in Starfield
Distortions appearing on your scanner on Procyon III show the way to Temple Eta in Starfield
Starfield's Procyon III is full of hunting shieldshells which you can easily take out even with your mining laser
After following the scanner distortions, a point of interest labelled Temple Eta will appear on your scanner in Starfield
One of Temple Eta's two entrances at night on Procyon III in Starfield

Temple Eta puzzle: Investigate the source of the anomaly

When you enter Temple Eta through one of its two entrances, you will immediately start to float above the ground as the temple’s zero-gravity field is activated by your presence.

Investigating the source of the anomaly in Temple Eta involves floating around the temple and catching clusters of lights
A cluster of lights, as it appears in Starfield's Temple Eta during the Into the Unknown mission
Collecting lights will solve the Temple Eta puzzle and eventually, the spinning metal circles will align to open a gate.
Going through the gate of Temple Eta gives the player the Anti-Gravity Field power
Using powers requires you to equip them first. Then you press LB and RB on controller or Z on PC to activate them.

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