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How to recruit Aekold Helbrass in Total War: Warhammer 3

Find out how you can add Aekold to your Tzeentch and Warriors of Chaos armies
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Update 4.0 for Total War: Warhammer 3, which has been released on August 31, 2023, with the Shadows of Change DLC, brought Aekold Helbrass as a free Legendary Hero to all players. Helbrass is a potent addition to the roster of the Tzeentchian factions as a melee combatant without much of a magic focus.

The Windblade, his two-handed broadsword, is an erratic and unpredictable weapon that can only be wielded effectively by Helbrass himself, giving him an edge in combat. Another gift of Tzeentch to his champion is the Breath of Life ability, which grants Aekold unparalleled healing – and even regenerates the health of units around him. Another unique skill Aekold wields is the Thorn’s Aura, which catches and damages all enemies around him.

Aekold has some diplomatic bonuses relating to the Empire (his country of origin) as well through his Brother to Brother skill, is able to gain speed on the battlefield with Unlimited Spirit, more health with Picture of Health, and commands the Lifestorm skill bestowed by Tzeentch.

Total War: Warhammer 3 Aekold Helbrass.

Aekold Helbrass will be a fine addition to any Chaos army.

Helbrass is available to recruit for the Daemons of Tzeentch, the Daemons of Chaos, and a few Warriors of Chaos factions – we’re talking about the Tzeentch-aligned Vilitch the Curseling and the Chaos Undivided factions here.

How to claim Aekold Helbrass

Here’s what you need to do to claim Aekold Helbrass:

  1. Navigate to Creative Assembly’s website and make an account or log in. You can use your Steam, Xbox, or Epic Games account in this step to make the next one easier.
  2. Connect your CA account to the platform you’re playing Total War: Warhammer 3 on.
  3. Aekold Helbrass should now be available in your game.

If you’ve already made a CA account and connected it to your platform to claim a previous piece of content, you can skip all this as Aekold should be available to you automatically. Once you’ve claimed Aekold, you need to follow the steps below to actually recruit him during a campaign.

How to recruit Aekold Helbrass

  1. Reach Level 12 with your Legendary Lord of an eligible faction to gain access to the “Tale of the True Path” quest.
  2. Construct a Chapterhouse of Knowledge as Daemons of Tzeentch, a Warriors’ Hall as Warriors of Chaos, or a Monument of Tzeentch as Daemons of Chaos.
  3. Maintain eight units of Chaos Warrios of Tzeentch (sword and shield or halberd variations) or Chaos Knights of Tzeentch at the same time.
  4. Obtain victory in the “Tale of the True Path” quest battle, in which you must fight against the Beastmen alongside Aekold while keeping him alive.
  5. Aekold Helbrass should now appear next to your Legendary Lord’s army.
Total War: Warhammer 3 Aekold and The Changeling on the campaign map.

The Changeling and Aekold on the campaign map.

This follows the pattern set by the previous Legendary Heroes Ulrika Magdova, Gorduz Backstabber, and Harald Hammerstorm.

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