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If you want to upgrade your Energy Wells in TOTK and pilot vehicles for longer, you’ll need to hunt down Crystallized Charges. In fact, you’ll need 100 of them per battery cell. You might have found the construct back on the Great Sky Island at the start of the game, but buying them 10 at a time and having to wait days to get more just doesn’t cut it.

If you want loads of Crystallized Charges in TOTK and you want them quickly, you need to be prepared to head to the Depths and take on the Yiga Clan.

Make sure you’re stocked up on Brightbloom seeds and meals before you head down there because you’re also going to have to fight a few bosses. 

Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan

If you’ve followed the Mystery in the Depths questline, you’ll eventually follow a series of statues all the way to our first location, the Great Abandoned Central Mine. Here’s its location on the map.

Great Abandoned Central Mine location

Great Abandoned Central Mine location

Speak to the construct there, and you’ll get access to a new power, Autobuild.

You’ll then have to fight Master Kohga, triggering the Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan Side Adventure.

He’s pretty easy to take down so I won’t bore you with strategies here – hit him with arrows and then smack him when he’s down.

Once Kohga is beaten, he’ll fly away on a machine. Before you follow him, though, there’s a Forge Construct here who will sell you Crystallized Charges in exchange for Zonaite.

You can also get some Large Crystallized Charges worth 20 normal charges but will require Large Zonaite to purchase. There’s loads of Zonaite in the depths, tucked away in abandoned mines and monster camps, and even in the loot dropped by defeated enemies.

Abandoned Gerudo Mine Crystallized Charges

Follow Kohga’s heading from the last mine, using a vehicle of your own – the nearby glider should get you pretty much all the way if you’re a good pilot – and you’ll come to the next one. Again, it’s a simple case of taking him down and liberating the constructs.

Abandoned Gerudo Mine location

Abandoned Gerudo Mine location

This time Kohga is on a plane so it’s a little trickier. I used the spring mechanism to bounce up and slow time in the air by aiming my bow to knock him down. Easy.

Once he’s down, you can buy up the Crystallized Charge stock from the Forge Construct.

Abandoned Lanayru Mine Crystallized Charges

This mine is easily the trickiest to find. The Abandoned Lanayru Mine is closed off by ceiling-high walls on all sides, and there are only a couple of narrow pathways that actually lead to it.

The best way to find the Lanayru Mine is to start at the Uinoj Lightroot. Once there, follow the statues dotted around the area. Each of them should point to the next, so just head whatever way the statues are facing, and you’ll reach the Lanayru Mine.

Abandoned Lanayru Mine location

Abandoned Lanayru Mine location

Once there, you’ll have to fight Kohga, who’s commandeered a boat this time. Take a boat of your own and hit him with arrows, or jump across and beat on him once you’re close enough.

When you’re done, you’ll get access to another Forge Construct with more Crystallized Charges for sale.

Abandoned Hebra Mine Crystallized Charges

If you’re in the Depths, it’s time to leave. You can only access the Abandoned Hebra Mine from a specific chasm in the main map. Head to Rito Village and climb around close to the bottom of the village until you spot a guy standing with a hot air balloon.


To help you find your way, we have all Lightroot locations in TOTK. You can also check out our full Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough for more.