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The Genshin Impact TCG, Genius Invokation, will be expanded with character cards for Klee and Beidou as well as a new game mode in update 3.4, but those won’t be the only changes made. The patch features a number of balance adjustments that are guaranteed to impact the Genshin TCG’s best decks, nerfing several popular characters.

Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst is one of the big losers of the TCG’s first ever update, requiring an additional energy charge (three instead of two) and Pyro die (four instead of three) to be triggered. Its damage is boosted from three to four in return, but with the higher charge time and dice cost, it’s likely that Yoimiya will lose ranks in many Genshin TCG character tier lists, since setting her up for combos is going to be much harder. Enjoy your Ayamiya decks while you can.

Card from a trading card game.

Yoimiya's Elemental Burst may hit harder in the future, but at what cost?

Another popular character hit by miHoYo’s nerf hammer is Maguu Kenki. This card’s two Elemental Skills will no longer do any direct damage before summoning an Anemo or Cryo Shadowsword, which severely hampers the puppet's damage output, making it in essence a pure summoner.

The third nerfed character is Collei, who’s Floral Sidewinder Talent Card will cost four instead of three Dendro dice going forward – a hefty blow for the only Dendro character represented in the TCG at the moment. We’ll see if this will help the popularity of Jadeplume Terrorshroom, the only other Dendro option available at present.

Card from a trading card game.

Nerfs to Collei and Catalyzing Field will weaken Dendro-Electro decks.

The other two balance changes in update 3.4 do not target specific characters. The Event Card Minty Meat Rolls got a strong buff, now being able to reduce a character’s standard attack costs up to three times.

The Catalyzing Field effect, which is triggered by Dendro and Electro reactions and enhances the damage done by subsequent attacks with these elements, will only buff the two next attacks instead of the next three, which is another blow to decks with Collei and Electro characters.

Genshin Impact’s update 3.4 releases on January 18, 2023, bringing new character banners into the game.