Genshin Impact: Sigewinne confirmed for update 4.7

Melusine enthusiasts, rejoice

Genshin Impact 4.7 will add the first playable Melusine character to the game in the form of Sigewinne, HoYoverse confirmed. She commands a Hydro Vision and is depicted with a gun akin to a water pistol. Given that Sigewinne is a nurse, which her outfit and equipment seems to reinforce, it’s highly likely that she’ll be a healer.

Sigewinne is part of Wriothesley’s crew in the Fortress of Meropide, where she keeps people hale and healthy. She also uses her job to understand humans better and study them. Her overall design is somewhat reminiscent of that of Bailu from Honkai: Star Rail, especially given that Sigewinne, too, seems to be connected to a race of dragons.

Her voice actress is Sarah Williams, who portrays Jinx in League of Legends among many other past roles.

Here’s what the official lore tidbits have to say about Sigewinne:

“‘Sigewinne's the most unique out of all the Melusine friends my parents know. They say that she was a guest at our place a long time ago, and that she held my hand, supporting me when I had just learned to walk. Many years have passed since, and I've become an adult – she, on the other hand, is just as meticulous and enthusiastic as ever.’ – Emilie

“The infirmary is the warmest place in the Fortress of Meropide, where the sun fails to shine. Rumor has it that the head nurse, who manages said infirmary, is also its founder. The Fortress has changed hands in chaotic circumstances several times over the centuries, but there has always been a tacit agreement amongst all who live here not to harm the medical staff in any way. The reason for this is simple – few doctors could endure treating criminals and staying in such a place for long. Fewer still would be as clement, cute, conscientious, and considerate as Sigewinne. 

“There was once an inmate whose life Sigewinne saved after he had been gravely injured while causing trouble, who then proclaimed her to be an emissary of the heavens – an ‘angel of salvation’ – sent to bring redemption to criminals, even saying that he would preach this far and wide on her behalf. ‘That's a bit much, isn't it?’ The head nurse shook her head, her horns bobbing along. ‘I won't ask what you did wrong before saving you, but you'll still have to finish serving your sentence once you've healed up,’ she said, hands on hips. ‘Flattery's not getting you anywhere!’”

Sigewinne will arrive in the same update as Clorinde and Sethos, scheduled to arrive in about six weeks – after Arlecchino and Genshin Impact 4.6 had their time in the spotlight.

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