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Honkai: Star Rail Animated Short: Ichor of Two Dragons dives into Dan Heng’s past

More images from the High-Cloud Quintet and pre-curse Blade
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Just one more day until Imbibitor Lunae is released in Honkai: Star Rail with the launch of update 1.3 and its character banners, but HoYoverse is not done delivering context for this new playable character. A brand-new animated short film called Ichor of Two Dragons has just been released, diving into the past of Dan Heng as Imbibitor Lunae and member of the High-Cloud Quintet.

You can watch the animated short below:

Ichor of Two Dragons – VAs

  • Dan Heng: Nicholas Leung
  • Dan Feng: Yong Yea
  • Yingxing/Blade: Daman Mills
  • Jing Yuan: Alejandro Saab
  • Jingliu: AmaLee
  • Baiheng: Montse Hernandez
  • Himeko: Cia Court
  • Welt: Corey Landis
  • March 7th: Skyler Davenport
  • Pom-Pom: Christine Sposato

For the first time, we see the entire High-Cloud Quintet together: Jing Yuan and Jingliu have had plenty of action in previous shorts as well as the game itself, and we’ve already seen Yingxing as well – but only in his current form: Blade. Here, we finally get to see Blade before he gets struck by the curse of immortality. Supposedly from a short-lived species, Blade’s gray hair may signify that he was nearing the end of his natural life span at that point in the story. Ichor of Two Dragons also provides our first look at Baiheng, a member of the Foxian species who actually traveled on the Path of Trailblaze with Akivili.

Honkai: Star Rail High Cloud Quintet members.

Jing Yuan, Jingliu, Baiheng, and Yingxing drinking together: A bittersweet memory for Dan Heng.

The happiness from this memory is only a short one for Dan Heng, though, as he finds himself assailed by his previous incarnation, Dan Feng. We hear about Dan Feng’s sin and see Jing Yuan pass judgment on his best friend – with a heart wrenching pain in his voice, the general banishes him forever from the Xianzhou.

Dan Heng is almost beaten by Dan Feng and seems to accept all the guilt for the sins of his previous incarnation. However, the power of friendship from everyone on the Astral Express comes in clutch, reminding Dan Heng that he is the master of his path – yes, he has to accept what he was in the past, but he doesn’t have to have his future dominated by what happened. We’ll probably see this development play out in the game through upcoming Companion Missions.

The short also fleshes out Jing Yuan a bit more: We see him happy with his four friends, but over the course of his long life he lost all four of them to various circumstances and even had to pass judgment on his best friend himself.

With Jingliu being one of the upcoming characters in Honkai: Star Rail, we’re sure to find out more about the High-Cloud Quintet in the future.