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Enshrouded resin locations and resin farming tips

Knock on wood. Really hard, with an axe
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Finding Enshrouded resin feels like a riddle, until you realize Keen’s open-world survival game has a secret that makes getting lots of resin easy. That’s a good thing, as you’ll need resin to raise your Flame Level and explore more of the world hidden under the shroud.

Our Enshrouded resin guide explains the best places to find and farm resin in the early game and what you can use it for.

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Enshrouded: How to get resin 

A tree that drops Enshrouded resin from its orange leaves and shattered bark is standing between two trees with green foliage near an abandoned campsite.

Ignore the green trees. They have no resin for you.

Resin comes from trees, just like in real life, but Enshrouded is a bit weird about how it handles this fact. You can only get resin from chopping trees down, which means you need an axe. The starter Survivor’s Axe works well enough. 

After you chop it, the tree explodes into tidy little wood piles, and among the rubble, you may find some resin. “May” is the key, there. Normal-looking green trees have a tendency to only drop one resin stack, if they drop any at all.

Your best bet is finding trees with orange, red, or yellow leaves. For some reason, these drop double the amount of resin or more compared to green-leaf trees.

That sounds like a pretty vague set of directions, but there are some specific places you can look early in the game.

Enshrouded resin farming tips

A man in shabby clothes is sitting next to a campfire in the middle of stone ruins

A quick rest (as in, logging out) is enough to respawn your resin trees.

The hills around Longkeep, just feet away from where you emerge at the start of Enshrouded, have quite a few trees with orange leaves. There's even a small handful near the site where you learn how to establish your first base.

You’ll likely walk away with three to five resin chunks each time, which doesn’t sound like much. However, Enshrouded has a handy resin respawn method.

Log out, log back in again, and the trees will reappear. It didn’t work when I tried it with other resources, but for now anyway, it seems guaranteed to make trees and, by extension, resin respawn.

Later in Enshrouded, you can find clusters of more than one red-orange tree in the Revelwood area, around where you can find amber locations.

What is resin for in Enshrouded?

You need resin to increase your Flame Level at the start of Enshrouded. In addition to that, resin shows up in several crafting recipes, including:

  • Staff
  • Fireball spell
  • Rising Fighter armor