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Steam Golden Week sale are live, with discounts on visual novels, hit RPGs, adventure games, and a whole lot more. Some standout PC game deals include Persona 5 Royal, on sale for a staggering 60 percent off its usual price, but retro favorites like Steins;Gate, modern gems from the Trails series, and even recent hits such as Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth are all going for less than their usual price.

There’s a metric ton of games to sift through, but we’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up some of the best Golden Week deals on Steam below.

Almost all of these sales last through Golden Week and end on May 6, 2024.

Persona 3 Reload – $48.99

The S.E.E.S. team standing outside Tartarus before midnight
Featuring revamped cinematics and smoother combat / Sega/Atlus

Okay, so it’s not a massive deal, but $48.99 is a discount nonetheless. Considering Atlus just launched Persona 3 Reload in February 2024, its inclusion in Golden Week is surprising in itself. Anyway, Persona 3 Reload is a gussied-up version of Persona 3, with enhanced graphics, some new scenes, and a handful of inclusions from Persona 3 Portable – but not the Female Protagonist. We liked it quite a lot in our Persona 3 Reload review.

Resident Evil 4 remake – $29.99

The best version of one of the best horror games is down to $29.99 for Golden Week. Capcom’s inventive reimagining of Resident Evil 4 had a lot to live up to, but it refines and improves the original with new sequences, unparalleled atmosphere, and much better combat. There’s a free demo as well, if you’re not sure about committing to the full thing.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky – $9.99

Trails in the Sky is an often-overlooked little gem of an RPG, a brilliant mix of intimate character stories and a broad, deep political narrative. Combat uses a tactical grid and a unique system of customization where material combinations determine what role characters play in battle and what skills they use. There’s not much else like it, and the first game is on sale for $9.99.

Paranormasight – $11.99

A Paranormasight character looking at the camera in fear
Paranormasight isn't gruesome, but it doesn't shy away from horror / Square Enix

Steam sales always mean Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest go on sale, but if you want to check out something a bit different from Square Enix’s catalogue, Paranormasight definitely deserves your attention. It’s one of the more inventive visual novels of the last few years, with strong character writing, a clever horror narrative with well-conceived twists. Paranormasight is unforgettable, and you can get it for $11.99.

Atelier Ryza – $23.99

Koei Tecmo finally found a winning formula for the long-running Atelier series with Ryza. Most games in the series had detailed item crafting, smart combat, and an actual story – but only one and never all three. Ryza combines the series’ best points and makes it more approachable than ever. The first in the trilogy is going for $23.99, and the other two games are also on sale, if you’re interested.

Steins;Gate Elite – $29.99

Steins;Gate takes a while to get started, but was things finally start to happen, you realize that slow buildup was a vital part of its plot. It’s a mind-bending sci-fi-slash-mystery-slash-thriller with an exceptional script and some clever little interactive twists that influence what ending you get. This version has new animated sequences and a few minor tweaks compared to the original, and you can grab it for $24.99.

We Love Katamari Reroll + Roya Reverie – $14.99

A Katamari character pulling a tire across a sandy beach
There's no explanation for Katamari. It just is / Bandai Namco

That’s quite the name, but then again, We Love Katamari is quite the game. Reroll is a bigger, better version of Katamari Damacy, with weirder assignments, bigger katamari, and a stronger variety of locations to roll around in and absorb into the stars. It’s a blast, and you can grab it for $14.99.

Bandai lists this sale as ending on April 29, 2024, though most Golden Week sales end on May 6, 2024.

Octopath Traveler 2 – $35.99

Speaking of big improvements over the original, Octopath Traveler 2 is down to $35.99. Better writing, stronger stories, a much more interesting world, and an improved class and battle system put this one on the same level as the RPGs of the golden years.

Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless – $47.99

Nippon Ichi’s unchanging strategy game series changed quite a bit in Disgaea 6 and not exactly for the better. Disgaea 7 throws those alterations out the window and gets back to improving the established formula, with more classes, a stronger story, and even new enemy types to contend with. It’s going for $47.99, and every older Disgaea game is on sale as well, if you’re after something less expensive.

Like A Dragon: The Man Who Erased His Name – $29.99

RGG Studio’s unplanned spinoff game Like A Dragon Gaiden turned out to be pretty darn good, and you can get it for $29.99. And you should, if you plan on playing Infinite Wealth or just want a different take on how Kiryu’s story ties in with Yakuza: Like A Dragon. It’s a refreshing return to the series’ action combat and packs quite the emotional punch as well, so to speak.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth – $48.99

Ichiban and Kiryu in LAD Infinite Wealth
Infinite Wealth is easily RGG's most ambitious game yet / RGG Studio

Infinite Wealth only launched in January 2024, and it’s down to $48.99 for Golden Week. Meandering and sometimes a bit too big for its own good it might be, but Infinite Wealth tells one of the best stories in the series, with a broad cast of well-written characters and a much stronger combat system than we saw in Yakuza: Like A Dragon.

Live A Live – $24.99

Before Octopath Traveler, there was Live A Live, only no one outside Japan was officially able to play it until Square Enix remastered and localized it. Like Octopath, it uses a split storytelling technique that follows eight characters. Unlike Octopath, it uses different battle and narrative mechanicsa, nd these chapters take place in different time periods from the distant past to the far future. It’s an inventive and rewarding setup, even if the final payoff doesn’t happen until the very end. It’s going for $24.99 while the sale lasts.

AI: The Somnium Files – $7.99

The Somnium Files is a clever blend of adventure game mechanics with visual novel style. It’s a gruesome murder mystery and a psychological thriller wrapped in a stylish package with some excellent writing to boot. You can get it for $7.99.

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