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Palworld: Jormuntide Ignis location and Jormuntide Ignis eggs

Fire away

Finding the Palworld Jormuntide Ignis location is a chore, as the top-tier Pal only lives in one distant part of the open-world game, but it’s worth the effort. Jormuntide Ignis is a powerful ally, an excellent mount, and one of the best ways to save time cooking and smelting.

Our Palworld Jormuntide Ignis guide points out where to find the beast, how to get Jormuntide Ignis eggs, and what to do with the fiery lizard once you bring them home.

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Palworld Jormuntide Ignis location

A map image showing the Palworld Jormuntide Ignis location in No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary

Make sure to pack some food for the journey.

The Jormuntide Ignis habitat is a small one. You can only find them in No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary, a rocky island west of the Forgotten Islands and north of Mt Obsidian. There’s a lot of water separating you and the sanctuary, no matter what direction you approach it from, so your best bet of getting there without drowning is getting a flying Pal mount.

Even when your mount’s stamina reaches zero, they still hover above the water and keep you and them safe.

I found four or five Jormuntide Ignis on my first visit, along with a handful of other high-level Pals, so you should be able to spot them easily. They’re a Fire and Dragon type hybrid and sit in the level 44-46 range, so make sure you’ve got a high-level Water or Ice Pal with you.

Palworld Jormuntide Ignis egg

A Palworld scorching egg is shown sitting atop a large pile of bones

For reference, that is not a Jormuntide Ignis egg

You can also hatch a Jormuntide Ignis egg, though it takes a lot of luck and some daring exploration. Jormuntide Ignis eggs are only ever Huge Scorching Eggs. You can find Scorching and Large Scorching Eggs in the wild, especially around the Mt Obsidian volcano, but the only place to find Huge Scorching Eggs is in the volcano.

Specifically, you’ll want to look in the crater near the Syndicate Tower. It’s not an easy place to reach. You need Heat Resistant Armor to avoid catching on fire, and your Pal mount will probably catch fire as well at some point, if you come in contact – or even remotely close to – lava. You can’t heal Pals in Palworld with medicine, so make sure your mount has plenty of HP to survive accidental lava contact.

A map image showing where to find Palworld Jormuntide Ignis eggs

Bring high-tear heat-resistant armor.

Palworld Jormuntide Ignis base tips

Jormuntide Ignis only has one ability to their name, Kindling. It’s level four Kindling, though, which means your food cooking and ore smelting happens much more quickly than you’re likely used to with lower-level Pals.

The real benefit comes from using Jormuntide Ignis as a mount or having them in your party in general, though. They breathe fire while you ride them, and they increase the power of any Fire-type Pal in your party just by being there.